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Signup Troubleshooting

If you’re having trouble signing up for Square or getting your identity verified, then the following sections provide some helpful information.

Personal Identity Troubleshooting

You will not be able to process card transactions until your personal identity is verified.


  • Provide your full legal name. A business name will not be accepted. If you recently changed your name, try your previous name. For example, if you were recently married, try entering your maiden name.

  • Provide your current home address. A business address (that is different to that of your home) will not be accepted. If you’ve moved within the last six months, try using your previous home address.

  • Upload a clear and valid ID document. One that is blurry or expired will not be accepted.

Retry Verification Process

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Find the Setup Guide. This may be located in the centre of your Dashboard's homepage. If not, click the clipboard icon on the top right navigation bar.

  3. Under Activate your account to take payments, click Verify Your Identity.

  4. Complete the form, keeping the aforementioned tips in mind.

Note: If you have previously been unsuccessful in getting your identity verified, then we may need one to two additional business days to process your activation request.

Age Requirement for Sign-Up

Current credit card processing regulations require our account holders to be at least 18 years of age. Once you turn 18, we’ll be happy to have you as a Square customer.

Time Limit Expired

For security reasons, there’s a 10-minute time limit when filling out your activation request. If that limit is surpassed, the form will automatically be locked for three days.

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