With spring and summer on the way and the cost of living crisis continuing to put a squeeze on household budgets, many are considering starting their own seasonal small business in order to generate more income, create new opportunities and showcase their talents and experience.

When the sun comes out, so are new opportunities to cater to changing consumer demands and niches. Whether you already run an SME or are looking for a seasonal side hustle to supplement income from your day job, we have some creatively satisfying and potentially profitable ideas to scratch that entrepreneurial itch.

Let’s take a look at 7 seasonal small business ideas designed to appeal to a broad range of skill sets, levels of experience and start-up costs.

Bridal hair and makeup services

The pleasant weather in spring and summer is attractive to couples looking to tie the knot, making it fertile territory for wedding business ideas. Talented beauticians can turn their craft into very lucrative business ideas in the summer. As well as being able to create masterpieces with hair, makeup and nails, you’ll be playing a crucial role in the bridal experience, meeting lots of new people and helping them create wonderful life-long memories.

Childcare and children’s entertainment

The coming of the holidays is often a source of anxiety for parents. Though they often save up their annual leave for the summer, they want to know that their children will be entertained, educated, stimulated and cared for if they are working or have other commitments.

As such, there’s tremendous scope for summer season business ideas that create fun and memorable experiences for kids while generating peace of mind for adults. These may include anything from travelling puppet shows to residential summer camps and holiday clubs. Needless to say, any individuals coming into contact with children will need to be fully DBS checked. Activity camps may need to be Ofsted registered. However, your camp may be exempt from Ofsted registration if:

  • The club operates for 14 days or less per year

  • All the children attending are over the age of 8

  • The club focuses on 2 or fewer loosely defined activities (e.g. sports, crafts, drama, dance)

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Lawn care services

Householders want a beautifully green, well-manicured and weed-free lawn during spring and summer. But not all householders are knowledgeable about proper lawn care or enjoy gardening, nor do they have the time or inclination to give their lawns the care they deserve.

If you have the tools, the talent and a flair for local marketing, mowing, reseeding and cultivating lawns in your neighbourhood could be a lucrative seasonal small business idea. There are no special qualifications or registrations needed. Simply let your results speak for themselves with lots of high-quality before and after images. Equipment overheads are also fairly minimal with the primary costs being a lawnmower, trimmer, seeds, lawn treatments and a mobile terminal or card reader to accept non-cash payments.
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Pet care services

As pets shed their winter coats and their owners jet away on holidays, the need for pet owners create opportunities for enterprising animal lovers. Depending on your availability and capabilities, you may find that you’re suited to spring business ideas or summer business ideas that cater to animal lovers.

Pet grooming is not only a great seasonal small business idea, but a potentially lucrative side hustle all year round. No specific qualifications are required, just the appropriate tools, skin and fur treatments, and a great affinity for working with animals.

You may also be able to earn money walking or accommodating pets at your home while their owners are on holiday or working.

Short-term rentals

A city break is often a great option for a spring or summer getaway. And if you live in a popular city, you could make money from your house, apartment or even your spare room. Leasing out your property on a short-term basis through a platform like AirBnB could be one of the best summer business ideas for those who are short on time and liquidity. Very few overhead costs are required outside of toiletries, tea and coffee-making facilities, bottled water and all the other little flourishes that can help make a guest’s stay more memorable. What’s more, third-party apps like AirBnB take care of the administration and logistics of presenting your property to guests, making this as close to passive income as it gets. You don’t necessarily have to live in a touristy area to benefit from this. Rural, picturesque and historically significant locations often also benefit from short-term rentals in the spring and summer. Do some research into tourism in your area and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Furniture restoration

During the spring and summer, many decide that it’s time to get out with the old and in with the new. But when looking for new furniture, many yearn for something with more character. An eye for bargain antiques and some keen restoration skills can lead to a very lucrative spring business idea as you revive, restore and repurpose classic pieces that have seen better days to create contemporary conversation starters. You can sell these at craft fairs and maker’s markets or via your own online store.

Interior and exterior cleaning services

Spring is famously a time for clearing out clutter and getting the home in tip-top shape. But with many of us working long hours, this leaves little time for deep cleaning the interior or exterior of our homes.

If you have sufficient funds to purchase the requisite cleaning products and equipment and have the physical capability to do this very active job, cleaning can be a great way to make money and stay in shape. Of course, given the low barrier to entry, you may find yourself competing with other local cleaners. It may be worth considering a niche to differentiate your business such as using all-natural cleaning products and making this a key component of your marketing strategy.
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