4 Easy (and Free) Ways to Participate in #ShopSmall

#ShopSmall, a nationwide celebration of local businesses (and a nudge for people to support them), has officially arrived. The movement, created by American Express back in 2010, zeroes in on Small Business Saturday (2nd December this year) but continues the festivities all year round. Last year, £717 million was spent in small businesses on Small Business Saturday. #ShopSmall is about keeping the boost going throughout the year.

Square is proud to partner with American Express to make sure local businesses across the country make the most out of #ShopSmall. Here are some easy (and free) ways to get in on the action:

Get free #ShopSmall marketing materials.

You’ve probably seen #ShopSmall stickers in businesses’ windows. Let people know you’re participating by downloading free, ready-to-go materials. Just go to American Express’ Shop Small Studio.

Go all out on social media.

It’s all about the hashtag here. For small businesses, that means going wild with posts about #ShopSmall. Starting now through the end of the year, post announcements of any local events you’re participating in, photos of your top-selling items and general prompts to encourage people to shop the neighbourhood instead of the big retailers.

Rally other small businesses.

When it comes to bringing the community together, this is prime time. Get in on events with other local businesses — like a Small Business Saturday fete, a shopping event with nibbles and bubbles or even a neighbourhood shopping crawl. A raffle is always a fun way to ensure a good turnout.

Be charitable.

December is a time of sharing, so think about how your business can give back. Maybe that means donating a portion of your #ShopSmall profits to charity, or hosting a fundraiser. This doesn’t have to be a complex process, it can be as simple as raising money for the local dog shelter, so long as you show the giving side of your brand. People are more likely to support your business if they know you’re supporting the community.

#ShopSmall celebrates all your hard work, and it’s a great way to bring in more sales this Christmas season. So make sure you’re making the most of it.