How Square Powers the Management of Social Pottery’s Multi-Location Business

Community project Social Pottery is bringing people of all ages together, to get creative with ceramics in Kentish Town. Discover how Square helped them get online during the pandemic and grow their business to new heights.

Business impact

“We offer good customer service and after-care. We really strive to make the atmosphere fun and positive and somewhere you can just relax and blow off some steam”

– Sophia Ventura, Employee, Social Pottery

Square tools have helped Social Pottery provide fantastic customer service so that they can concentrate on growing their community outreach and putting smiles on faces. Our suite of solutions has also helped them gain the following benefits:

Accounting insights

Thanks to Square’s Analytics and Reporting, businesses can gain access to real-time data such as best sellers and even see your bottom line at a glance. You can also track data on your customers, and see how much they typically spend. Marian loves how she can keep accounting numbers and figures in one place and easily keep an eye on transactions.

“It’s easy to read – you don’t need to be an accountant to make sense of it”.
- Marian Walteros, Founder, Social Pottery

Faster payments

Marian is a big fan of payment links making it so easy to get payments from customers. The simplicity of it appeals to clients too, who just need to follow a link to settle what they owe.

With automated transfers, funds are received within 1-2 business days helping businesses like Marian’s stay on top of cash flow and pay staff on time.

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Facilitating booking

Using Square’s scheduling software, Marian and her family have been able to set up reservations and take advanced bookings. Convenient for customers and business owners alike, this feature helps the team manage and organise the day’s business activities. It also helps avoid no-shows with automatic booking reminders and lets customers cancel their reservations online. Plus, for those that want to book a regular, weekly slot, recurring appointments can also be made.

More time for marketing

Marian has a background in marketing and her daughter, Sophia, is following in her footsteps through managing the studio’s social media pages. Both of them credit Square’s solutions and automated features for freeing up more time to focus on the marketing side of running their business and building their brand.

Think your business could stand to benefit from some of the perks Social Pottery has described? Get started with Square to see how it could empower your business.

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