How to Prepare Your Business for Large Sports Viewings & Gatherings

Showing live sports: the essential guide to maximising floor space in sports bars and other venues showing televised sports and live events.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article should be construed as legal or public health advice. Please always consult a knowledgeable professional advisor.

Summer 2022 is packed with major sporting events. With sports fans eager to find a big screen to enjoy watching with friends, there will likely be many busy venues across the UK on match days.

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How to maximise indoor and outdoor seating for viewing

Pubs, bars and restaurants advertising big-screen viewings for pay-per-view events may find their customer numbers increase as people look for the best possible places to watch.

Being able to make the most of your indoor and outdoor space for larger gatherings is key. If your seating is flexible, you can accommodate different seatinig arrangelents. By using furniture that can be easily moved,for example, you can reconfigure your seating area for bigger groups.

It’s all about the atmosphere

Having a dedicated member of staff available to greet people on arrival and see them to their tables has multiple benefits. Customers enjoy a personal service and feel welcomed. There is also little chance of people wandering around the venue in areas they should not be. Instead, they are taken directly to their table, which reduces contact between parties.

If customers have booked online and there is any personal information included in their booking, such as a birthday or special occasion, menu favourites or table preferences, staff can use this time to connect and show the customer they are valued.

Bring in the crowds

An online digital booking system does more for a business than managing bookings. It can also act as a useful customer database for information, which can then be used to influence marketing.

Letting people know live sporting events will be televised at a certain venue has the potential to draw in many customers, particularly if the venue is showing high-quality paid footage that they may not be able to access from home.

Social media is your ally when it comes to getting the message spread as far and wide as possible. You could also connect with local influencers who can share news of your events with a wider audience. Even something as simple as advertising televised sports on Facebook, Instagram or other social media networks helps ensure as many people as possible know where to go when they want to watch the Wimbledon final, the Olympics or any other global sporting event.