Heading to Boardmasters? You can leave your cash at home

Square dreams of a world where cards and contactless payment are accepted everywhere, from the mighty high street to the humble food stall. Well, as the saying goes, be the change you want to see: we’re teaming up with Visa at this year’s Boardmasters Festival to make our dream a reality.

What difference does our dream make for you? How about not having to pack, carry or worry about cash? Simply pay with your phone or a tap of your card instead. In short, our vision for your Boardmasters experience means you can spend less time stressing about money and more time enjoying the show.

boardmasters festival 2017

Winning Across the Board(masters)

Bringing a serious helping of cool to Cornwall, Boardmasters celebrates the best of music, skating and surfing in the UK surf capital. With names like Two Door Cinema Club, Jamiroquai and Stormzy gracing the stage, it’s only right that an innovative payment system like Square is supporting festival shops and stalls.

Bring nothing but your phone and enjoy not having to worry about your wallet. If you haven’t loaded your debit or credit card onto your phone, this is the perfect reason to give them a go, putting everything you need to fund your fun securely on your smartphone.

Just hop up to our reader, tap your phone, and that’s it, payment complete (But don’t worry, we still accept cards too). So forget having to queue at ATMs, wondering where to put your cash while you slip into your wetsuit or worrying if your non-cash payment is going to be accepted, because Square is here to make sure it is.

Eat, Pay, Love

Whether you’re buying food, drink or merch at Boardmasters, you can do it in no time at all. Tap or insert your payment method of choice, and voila, a sale is completed in seconds.

Whether you pay by debit or credit, chip and PIN or contactless, Apple Pay or Android Pay — you can pay with Square. It’s that simple. All you need to bring is your card or phone, you can leave your coin purse (and memories of queuing for cash!) at home.