Team management software that’s part of your EPOS lets you manage all aspects of employee management from a single application. From onboarding, to rostering and tracking individual and team productivity, using a single system for sales and staffing can streamline your administrative efforts, reduce training requirements, and allow you to handle all aspects of employee management in one place.

What is team management software?

Team management software is an application that helps a business owner to manage their employees more efficiently and effectively. It usually includes functionality to support better team scheduling and communication and offers detailed reporting about all aspects of your team’s performance.
Many of today’s point of sale (POS) systems include the ability to integrate with third party team management software, which allows you to create and manage your roster, set and modify employee permissions, and access comprehensive real-time analytics directly from your POS.

Manage your team with Square.

Onboard staff, manage schedules and set up timecards with Square Team Management.

What are the common features of team management software?

Team management software typically includes the following features:

  • Team scheduling: Create, change and view your roster and set permissions to let your team swap shifts, ensuring your staffing needs are always covered.
  • System access management: Manage system access at an employee level, ensuring your team has access to the areas and features they need, but restrict access to those they don’t.
  • Timesheet tracking: Track your team members’ start, finish and break times automatically.
  • Detailed analytics: Make better business decisions informed by comprehensive real-time reporting and analytics.

What are the benefits of team management software that’s integrated with your POS?

Quality employee management software that integrates with your point of sale system can turn your POS into a powerful team management tool. Managing your staff using the same software you use to manage your sales will allow you to roster more effectively and save you time and the cost of a standalone team management tool.

Square Team Management gives you the tools to manage and monitor your staff in real time, improve workflows and boost productivity. There are no third-party fees, passwords or integration problems – just simple, hassle-free employee management.

  • Easy onboarding: It’s simple to add a new staff member to Square Team Management – enter their name, position, hourly rate or salary, and you’re ready to go. Include them on your roster and start tracking their performance; you should also ask them to download the Square Team App so they can view their shift schedule and receive notifications on their mobile device when they’re away from work.
  • Efficient rostering: Square lets you view your staffing needs and roster by team or position, compare this to employee availability and make rostering changes in seconds. For advanced functionality that allows your employees to arrange shift swaps with other workers (with your approval), and claim any unfilled shifts, learn more about upgrading to Team Plus, with Square.
  • Simple time tracking: POS integration allows employees to sign in at the register or via the Square Team App if they’re working away from your point of sale. With clocking in and out built into your POS, there’s no need to run a separate system or workflow to keep track of your employee’s hours. Overtime is calculated automatically, and your people can view their timecards on site and remotely using the app.
  • Customisable POS permissions: When you upgrade to Square Team Plus, the software lets you create different access levels for different jobs so you can control the data each employee can see and whether they can process discounts and refunds. Permissions can be adjusted instantly, allowing you to provide certain team members with additional access during stocktake, for example.
  • Better visibility of employee performance: With Square POS, all transactions are automatically assigned to the team member who processed them, giving you accurate, real time insight into each employee’s performance. You can run reports to identify patterns of lateness or absence, any unusual sales activity, or training opportunities (in response to a particular employee logging a large volume of voided transactions, for example).
  • Performance reporting: Stay on top of your employees’ and overall business performance with the ability to view POS activities including sales, refunds and discounts by employee and shift. You can also compare the cost of wages with your sales to optimise your staffing levels, reduce unnecessary overtime and improve your bottom line.
  • 24/7 access from anywhere: Square Team Management lets you and your staff access rostering information anywhere, anytime, via the Square Team App. As a business owner, you can view your schedule and manage shift changes remotely; your people can add and edit their availability, check when they’re rostered on and request changes with a tap. Real-time notifications mean everyone is always in the loop.

How do I get started with Square Team Management?

Square Team Management lets you manage your roster, employee performance, access control and more, right from your POS dashboard. The essentials for managing your team are free with your Square point of sale software; Team Plus gives you access to more advanced tools and costs £20 per month, per location, with a 30-day free trial available. Visit the Square website to learn more.