Square stand retail

Since your business is unique, we know that how you define growth, and where you want your business to go, is unique too.

If growth today means strengthening your business and growing revenue, you might tinker with your product offerings or revise your marketing strategy. But what about upgrading your hardware?

Meet the new, reimagined Square Stand

A powerful iPad point of sale with an intuitive, customer-driven checkout and integrated payments.

The iPad point-of-sale stand for every kind of payment

Square Stand was built to help growing businesses keep pace with increased foot traffic by facilitating easier and quicker transactions, in addition to creating a single interface from which you can manage your business. (So just buying a Stand won’t grow your business — you need to develop strategies and tactics to up your traffic in order to see its full potential.)

Together, Square and Apple technology provide a system that is as intuitive as any of your personal devices, which creates a better experience for your customers, your employees, and you.

If you’ve been using a Square Reader to this point, you want to hold on to that. It’s still an incredible tool for taking credit card payments, wherever you are. But if you have a more permanent location — or if you have a counter of some sort where you sell — the Square Stand and an iPad might be a great option for you to investigate.

Here are a few other reasons to invest in a Square Stand for contactless and chip (combined with an iPad) for your business:

You can take every payment, every time

Just like the Square reader, the Square Stand for contactless and chip lets you effortlessly accept all forms of customer payment, whether that’s an EMV chip card, Interac, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or other mobile payments. Keep customers and staff safer, by providing contactless in-person transactions, and setting the included Square Reader at a distance from Stand.

It’s a complete, customizable point-of-sale system

Connect an iPad and gain instant access to the free Square Point of Sale app and a variety of additional tools — like analytics, inventory, gift cards, invoices, and loyalty — to run and grow your business.

Square Stand comes with a USB hub so you can easily connect a receipt printer, cash drawer, bar code scanner, and more.

The elegant design elevates your countertop

No one likes a cluttered counter. Traditional registers take up a ton of room and create a barrier between you and your customer. Square Stand is designed with style and simplicity in mind so you can present a more streamlined counter. Stand also frees up space on your counter that you can use for other products or signage.

It keeps your lines moving

Square Stand is built with a swivel, which allows you to easily accept customer signatures and tips without slowing down your line. Added bonus: by swiveling the Stand, you’re creating a more engaging experience for your customers. You can also easily disable the signature and receipt features so that your customers never need to touch the screen.

It’s easy to set up and use

You can set up your Square Stand in minutes and there are no service visits required or long-term contracts, unlike other register systems. To accept mobile payments and chip cards, just place the Square Reader for contactless and chip in the Dock for Square Reader and connect the dock to the stand’s USB hub.

If you haven’t used Stand yet — or if you love it and you need a second (or a third or a fourth) for your business — now is a great time to get one. The price of Square Stand for contactless and chip is just $249. And Square Stand now fits iPad (2019), iPad Air (2019) and iPad Pro 10.5” — that’s all iPad models with 10.2” and 10.5” screens.

Learn more about Square Stand in the Square Shop.