Make the Most of Square’s Hottest New Features

Staying on top of all the great features we release isn’t always easy to do while you’re running a business. So we’ve made a cheat sheet. From new tipping options to improved invoicing, these new tools make it simpler to save time and make money.


Pretax tipping

Many Canadian customers prefer to tip on a pre-tax amount. With this in mind, we’ve added a new option that allows sellers to choose whether they want their point-of-sale system to calculate (and show) tips based on a pre- or post-tax amount. You can find this option in the Tipping setting within your Square Point of Sale. Some customers may prefer tipping on a pretax amount as many Canadian customers are used to working out their tips this way and they might be frustrated if you’re only offering post-tax options.

Now you can check your sales trends on the go! We’ve added a mobile option so sellers can access a version of the Sales Trends report for Dashboard on their mobile devices. It’s a clear and easy way to look at your reports on the move without logging in to your desktop. This way, you can take a quick look at your trend reports before making purchasing or scheduling decisions on the fly.


Preview invoices

Ensure that you’re sending professional, polished invoices every time with a new function that allows you to preview your invoices before sending them. If you’re new to Square Invoices you might not know how your invoices look to your suppliers. Now you can preview them and get a sense before you press send. New business owners can instantly make a good impression with professional-looking invoices that free you up to concentrate on building your business.

Custom default messages for invoices

You can also save time by automatically including a default custom message in your invoice (such as a return policy, thank-you message or cancellation notice). When you’re creating an invoice in Dashboard on your desktop, simply update the Message field to include your new message, and select “Save as Default Message.” Instead of wasting time repeatedly typing out the same sentence on each invoice, you can now add it with the click of a button and know that you’ve included all the relevant information in every invoice.

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