Square Offers Sellers and Consumers a New Checkout Experience with Cash App Pay

Sep 13, 2021

Starting today, Square sellers will be able to accept payments through Cash App Pay, a new contactless payment method for both online and in-person transactions. With Cash App Pay, consumers can seamlessly pay with their Cash App account at participating Square sellers. For both in-person and online transactions, customers simply scan a seller’s QR code at checkout, or click a button on their mobile device for a payment process that is fast, elegantly designed, and more secure.

Cash App Pay

With this powerful software integration between Square’s Seller and Cash App ecosystems, businesses can now offer their customers more variety and choice in their payment methods. Square sellers will also be able to better reach Cash App’s more than 70 million annual transacting active customers – offering consumers reduced checkout friction and an improved customer experience.

“I am stunned by how easy and intuitive Cash App Pay is to use for both my staff and customers,” said Peter James, Business Operations Manager of The London Tea Merchant in St. Louis, MO. “Our customers love the ability to scan a QR code and quickly pay right from their phone, which has simplified and sped up our checkout process. Cash App Pay is also proving to be a great way for us to reach a whole new customer base.”

This feature is the latest way that Square is offering merchants new omnichannel commerce offerings that enable sellers to meet customers where they are. As contactless and QR code-based payment methods have become more mainstream, Cash App Pay has become a top-requested feature by both Square sellers and Cash App customers.

“Square aspires to help sellers never miss a sale by continually offering businesses new, innovative ways to bring commerce to life,” said Alyssa Henry, Lead of Square’s Seller business. “Cash App Pay enables us to offer a simple and mobile-friendly way for businesses to reach customers across online and in-person, bringing accessibility and flexibility to every transaction. We look forward to deepening the integrations between Square’s Seller and Cash App ecosystems that will continue to offer enhanced experiences for businesses and customers alike.”

“At Cash App, we are always looking for new ways to enhance our commerce capabilities and meet our customers where they are,” said Brian Grassadonia, Lead of Square’s Cash App business. “The option to checkout online or in-store with Cash App has been a frequent request amongst our customer base. With the launch of Cash App Pay at Square merchants, we’re excited to introduce this new, seamless checkout experience to consumers across the United States.”


Cash App Pay is available to Square sellers as a software update, with no technical integration or new hardware required, creating a seamless onboarding experience. It also allows merchants to manage receipts, reconciliation, and settlements of Cash App Pay in their existing Square system.

Cash App Pay is the next integration point between Square’s two ecosystems, joining the previously introduced Square Loyalty, where shoppers can easily track their points and rewards at participating businesses within Cash App.

Cash App Pay is free for consumers to use, and will soon be available to all Square sellers in the United States.