Navigate the Virtual Terminal Overview Page in Dashboard

Square’s Virtual Terminal gives you the option to take payments right your computer. To do so, log into your online Square Dashboard and select Virtual Terminal to go to the Virtual Terminal Overview page. Learn more about getting started with Virtual Terminal.

The Overview Page for Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal Overview page will show you all of the transactions you’ve taken at a specific location. You can switch between locations using the location dropdown menu.

To filter your transactions, use the Filter Activity dropdown menu to see only certain line items based on Transactions and/or Refunds. You can also filter by date.

If you select a specific transaction, you’ll be able to view more details, as well as send the receipt or issue a refund.

Settings for Checkout

Go to Settings > Checkout in the Virtual Terminal Overview page to configure default transaction and tipping settings for Virtual Terminal.

To change your default transaction type, choose between Quick Charge for transactions involving no items, and Itemized Sale for sales involving your items.

You can also choose to Collect Tips, and add your default tip amounts. Toggle Smart Tip Amounts so that charges under $10 add whole number tip amounts to the tipping flow, and charges over $10 add percentage tip amounts to the tipping flow.

When done changing your settings for Virtual Terminal, select Save.

Learn more about customizing checkout settings with Virtual Terminal FAQ