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Manage Orders on Square Terminal

With the mobile Square Terminal you are able to receive, view, and print your online orders from your hand-held device. Whether your orders are coming in from your Square Online, Square for Restaurants, Square POS app or a third-party delivery or ordering integration, you can easily manage your orders, check the status of your orders, and configure your order settings directly from Square Terminal’s Order Manager.

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View Order Status

To view the status of your orders from your Square Terminal:

1. Tap ≡ More then tap Orders.
2. At the top of the screen, tap Status to view Active, Scheduled, or Completed.

By default, your active orders will be displayed on your Orders homepage. Any new orders will be highlighted green for easy visibility. Once an order is opened and the order details are viewed, the highlight will disappear and you can continue to fulfill your orders as usual.

Order Fulfillment and Payment Status

Each order type can be updated to the following statuses:

Order Type Status
Delivery Mark as in progress, Mark as ready, and Mark as complete.
Pickup Mark as in progress, Mark as ready, and Mark as picked up.
Shipment Mark as in progress and Mark as shipped.
Upcoming Move to active.

To update the status of your orders based on the order type from your Square Terminal:

1. Tap ≡ More then tap Orders.
2. Tap All Orders at the top of the screen and select which order type to view.
3. Select the order whose status you wish to update.
4. Tap Mark as... and choose an update option.

Once you select the order type, you can select an individual order to view the order detail information which includes:

  • Customer contact details

  • Item(s)

  • Payment information

You can select an order > > View transaction details to view additional transaction information.

View Order Type

You can view the different order categories from the Order Manager in your Square Terminal. To do so:

1. Tap More then tap Orders.
2. At the top of the screen, tap All orders and select an order type.
3. Once you are viewing the orders by type, you can filter by order status.

The following order types are visible from your Square Terminal:

  • Curbside: A quick and easy way for customers to collect their order and have it delivered in their vehicle while they are parked at your business.

  • Delivery: If a customer purchases an item from you with Square Online, they can have it delivered via your courier from a brick and mortar location.

  • Pickup: If a customer purchases an item from you with Square Online, they can pick it up from a brick and mortar location.

  • Shipment: Customers place online orders with your business, and you can ship orders to their delivery address.

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Group Items

To customize your item grouping settings:

  1. On Square for Restaurants, the Square Point of Sale app, or Square for Retail, go to Settings > Hardware > Printer Settings. Scroll down to In Person Orders. On Square KDS, go to your Square Dashboard and select Devices > Kitchen Settings.

  2. Toggle on Combine identical items. Items with the same details will then be automatically combined into one line item. 

If you toggle on Single item per ticket, this setting overrides grouping items and automatically prints each item, ungrouped, on its own ticket.

Note: Combine identical items is off by default for existing printer stations but will turn on by default for all new printer stations you create. Learn more about grouping items.

Add Tracking Information to an Order

To add a tracking number and carrier information to shipment orders:

  1. Tap ≡ More then tap Orders.

  2. Tap All orders > Shipment

  3. Select the order you wish to add tracking information to.

  4. Tap Mark as… > Shipped then enter the tracking information and select a carrier.

  5. Tap Done.

Message Customer about their Order

You can reach out to a customer regarding their order from your Order Manager page on either your Square Dashboard or Square Point of Sale app. This feature is ideal for gaining clarification on your customer’s order as well as any last minute changes, such as out of stock items or substitutions. Square Messages supports both text and email communication, as well as photo support. 

To send a message to your customer:

  1. Navigate to Orders

  2. Select an order and open the action menu ( . . . )

  3. Select Message Buyer

  4. Confirm that you have consent from your buyer to contact them.

  5. Type your message and hit Send.

You will receive an email notification when your customer responds. You can also enable push notifications by going to Messages > Settings icon on Dashboard. Learn more about Square Messages.

Note: Square Messages will only be accessible to your employees with the following permission enabled: Grant access to view and send messages to customers. This includes access to items and customer data for sending messages. Learn more about managing your employees’ custom permission sets.

Cancel an Order

To cancel an order from your Square Terminal:

  1. Tap ≡ More then tap Orders.

  2. Tap All orders then select an order type. 

  3. Tap Status then select an order status.

  4. Select the order you wish to cancel.

  5. Tap > Cancel items > select which items to cancel > Next

  6. Indicate a reason and opt to adjust your stock, if applicable. If adjusting your stock, select a reason.

  7. Tap Cancel items > Continue to refund or Skip Refund.

  8. Follow the on-screen prompts to issue a refund.

Once the order is canceled it will no longer appear in the Orders section of your Square Terminal.

Printer Settings

When you receive online orders, you can have your order tickets printed from your Square Terminal device. To configure your printer settings:

  1. Tap ≡ More then tap Settings.

  2. Tap Hardware > Printer.

  3. Toggle ON Online order tickets.

  4. To set up automatic printing (a ticket will print when there is a new order), toggle ON Automatically print new orders.

To test your printer connection, tap Test Print. You’ll only be able to enable Order Tickets from your Square Terminal; all other receipt types will print directly from your terminal’s built-in printer.

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