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Get Started with Orders in Square POS

Order Manager is available in the Square POS app on iPad/iPhone and Android tablet/phone as well as Square Terminal. This guide will walk you through setup.


  1. Download the latest version of the Square POS app. Order Manager is available POS 5.17 or greater in the App Store and Google Play.

  2. On the Square POS app, tap the three horizontal lines in the top left.

  3. Select Orders from the menu.

  4. Go to your POS Settings > scroll to Orders.

  5. Enable Order settings you prefer. More information on Orders settings below. Note: if you do not see Alerts in Settings, please force-close your app and re-open.

Note: If you do not see Alerts in Settings, please force-close your app and re-open.



In-app alerts for new orders can be toggled on or off. There are options for how often you want to see new order alerts. You can view new orders immediately, or choose ‘View Later’ to dismiss the notification.

Note: Alerts will not appear when you are viewing Order Manager or when you are checking out a customer. Ensure that the device does not sleep to get order alerts. Finally, the device setting Background App Refresh needs to be turned on in order for in-app alerts to appear.


Printer Station setup

Setting up a printer station will have slightly different directions for Android and iOS. Please review the directions for your device below.

To set up a printer station on Android devices:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Hardware > Printers.

  2. Create a new printer station or update the settings on an existing printer station.

  3. Tap Printer and select your printer.

  4. Make sure the receipt printer and your device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. To test your connection, tap Test Print.

  5. Be sure to enable the Order Tickets toggle option for the printer station(s) you want to print Order Manager order tickets.

  6. Tap** Save**.

To set up a printer station on iOS devices:

  1. Go to Settings > Printers > then select the printer you want to print orders to.

  2. Under Use this printer for, navigate to Online Order Tickets.

  3. Toggle on Use this printer for online order tickets and select categories you want to print.

  4. Optional: Toggle on Single item per Ticket if you want to print a single item per ticket. This is useful if you need to send specific items to different prep stations or service counters to fulfil orders.


You can toggle on automatic order ticket printing in Settings > Orders once you have connected a supported printer and created a printer station. With this setting on, all new orders will automatically print when they come in. There is also a Print button on the Order Detail page.

Note: If you have the Square POS app minimised or the device locked, auto-printing will not work. The Square POS app needs to be open on the screen for auto-printing to work.

Master View

Search using the order ID or customer contact information (name, phone number, email). You can also filter by order status, fulfilment type and order source. Each order has relevant fulfilment details in the Active order view, including customer name, fulfilment type, date ordered, order number (if provided) and fulfilment status (New, In Progress, Ready, Completed).

Order Detail Page

The Order Detail pages display details relevant to the fulfilment including collection date and time, recipient information, line item details and order payment info.

Completed Orders

Use the Completed filter to view completed orders. Completed orders have a link to the corresponding Transaction detail for issuing refunds and sending receipts.