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Schedule Recurring Payments with Virtual Terminal


Streamline and automate your recurring payments right from your computer with Virtual Terminal. Save time, get paid on time, improve your cash flow, and enhance customer relationships by easily scheduling recurring quick-charge or itemized sales for your repeat customers.

The only requirement to schedule your first recurring payment is to add or charge a customer’s Card on File.

The processing fee for Card on File is 3.5% + 15¢.

Schedule Recurring Payments in Virtual Terminal

To schedule a recurring payment series in Virtual Terminal:

  1. Sign in to the Virtual Terminal section of your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Click Take a Payment.

  3. Select Quick Charge to charge a custom amount, or Itemized Sale to add an item, modifier, discount, and tax to the sale.

  4. Add a Customer Card on File or select an existing one.

  5. Click Make this a recurring payment.
    Schedule Recurring Virtual Terminal Payment

  6. Select a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly interval, and add a unit — such as every two weeks, or every three months.

  7. Choose whether to end the recurring series on a specific date, after a certain number of payments, or never.
    Set Recurring Payments Cadence in Virtual Terminal

  8. Click Save.

  9. Review the recurring payment details, then click Charge to confirm.

Your customer will receive a digital receipt for this and all subsequent recurring charges.

Note: The first charge in the recurring series will occur immediately in Virtual Terminal. All subsequent charges will occur via recurring invoices.

Manage Recurring Payments

You can view, edit, and cancel a recurring payment series from your online Square Dashboard and the Square app.

Keep in mind, any edits made to items, modifiers, discounts, or taxes will reflect across subsequent recurring payments in the series.

From your online Square Dashboard

  1. Sign in to the Invoices section of your online Square Dashboard > Recurring.

  2. Select an active recurring series. From here you’ll be able to edit or end a series.

Manage Recurring Payment Series

From the Square app:

  1. Navigate to Invoices.

  2. Tap Filter > Active Recurring Series > select the series.

  3. Tap Edit or End Series.

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