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Get Started with the new Order Manager in your Square Point of Sale

Thank you for using Square Online, and thank you for helping us test the new Order Manager!

With the new Order Manager, you are now able to filter for important orders easily, and we’ve added more configurability on notifications and order receipt printing for smoother order management. Unlike the Orders Applet experience, you will be able to accept shipment orders (in addition to pick-up orders). You will also be able to manage your orders from multiple partners, like Postmates and Doordash, in addition to your Square Online site. To see our list of partnerships, please visit the Orders Partner Page.

New Order Manager

Orders has a new and improved layout with filtering by order status, fulfillment type, and order source. The Orders tab is also available for iPad, Android tablets and phones, as well as Square Register.

Each order has relevant fulfillment details in the master view:

  • Recipient name (or courier if you’ve integrated a delivery service)

  • Fulfillment type

  • Date

  • Order number (if provided)

  • Display status (New, In Progress, Ready, Completed)

When you select an order, you can review the Order Details page. Order information will depend on the fulfillment type. For example, if your customer places an order for shipment, view their address and add package tracking information with a particular carrier. If your customer places a pickup order, you can view and track the pickup time to help you manage multiple orders at once. When you’re all set, complete the order by marking it as shipped or picked up.

When signing in for the first time, check your Settings and scroll down to Order settings to ensure that you have notifications turned on and and you are printing new Order Tickets.

Feature Comparison

Order Tab (New)
Legacy Orders Applet
In-App Behavior
Improved In-App Order Confirmation
Auto-Print Incoming Orders
Manually Print Order Tickets
Displays Customer Info
Pickup Countdown
Shows Complete Orders
Filter Order by Type, Source, or Status
Order Links to Transaction Details
App Features with Square Online
Pickup Orders
Shipment Orders
Order Cancellation (Including Partial Cancellation)
Order Fulfillment (Including Partial Fulfillment)
Source Listed on Each Order
Search Orders
Reject Orders

New Order Manager FAQ

Is there anything I need to do to to start using the new Order Management Tab?

No! We’ve already enabled the integration on your account, so in order to see the new Order Manager functionality, we recommend signing out of your Square Point of Sale app and signing back in. Make sure your Square Point of Sale app is up to date with the latest version (5.24 or above)! Lastly, check your order notification and print settings.

How do I set up my order notifications and print settings?

In your Square Point of Sale, tap the hamburger menu, then scroll to Settings. Go to the bottom where you will see an Orders section, set up your in-app notification cadence and your print settings here by toggling them on/off.

Can I print just online orders?

Yes, you can either print all orders (in-store and online) or just the in-store orders.

Will my online orders appear in my Register/Dashboard?

Yes, with this release, your orders will appear on your Square Register and your Square Dashboard.