Troubleshoot your Customer Accruing Points

Being able to make the most of your Loyalty program is important. If the Loyalty screen isn’t showing after a transaction, there are a few places you can check to find out why.

Check the Amount Spent

If the purchase amount is greater than the minimum amount needed to earn Loyalty points, check that the amount spent pre tax and tip is greater than the minimum amount needed.

Check for Applied Discounts

Make sure there are no discounts applied to the item, as any discounted items will not earn Loyalty points. For example, if you apply a 10% discount to your sale, and you have an item that qualifies for Loyalty points, then Loyalty points will not be accrued on this item.

Check Item Configuration

Make sure the item you added to the sale is the same item you have configured as eligible to earn points in your Loyalty program.

If you have a spend-based program, you can  exclude certain items or categories from accruing points. Double check that your buyer’s items are eligible to accrue points. Read more about how to manage your Square Loyalty Program.  

Check Internet Connectivity

If you see a Failed to Connect message on your Loyalty screen, this means Square Loyalty is unable to connect to the internet. Make sure you have an active internet connection, as Loyalty only works if you are online.

Please note: If your customer did not earn points when they should have, you can always edit their Loyalty status manually