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Enrol to Square Loyalty Using Square Point of Sale

Once you’ve set up and activated your Loyalty program and subscription, the new Loyalty enrolment screens will appear in your register app and you can start signing up your customers to receive rewards.

Enrol Your Customers in Your Loyalty Program

  1. On your Square Point of Sale app or Square Terminal, process a sale the same way you normally would.

  2. After the sale has been completed and your customer has passed the receipt screen, you’ll reach the Loyalty Screen. Note: The enrolment screen will not appear if the minimum purchase amount is not reached.

  3. Your customer enters their 10-digit phone number to enrol or sign in to your Loyalty program.

  4. They receive an SMS indicating they’ve earned their first point and a link to their loyalty status page. From this page, they’ll be able to view progress in your program, earned rewards, linked payment cards and activity at your business.

Note: Your customer will receive occasional SMS messages about your Loyalty program, such as reward notifications. They can unsubscribe from SMS messages at any time.

Your customer’s loyalty account number is connected to their phone number. They can pay with different credit cards, cheques, gift cards or cash, and still earn points towards rewards by entering the same phone number after each purchase.

To walk through what your customers will need to do to enrol in your loyalty program, view the How to Enrol your Loyalty Customer tutorial in the Point of Sale App.

To access the tutorial:

  1. Tap More > Support.

  2. Tap Tutorials and Tours and choose Enrol a Loyalty Customer.

  3. Swipe through the slides in the pop-up screen to learn how your customers can enrol in your loyalty program after their transaction.

On Square Register you can also opt to have your buyers sign in or enrol in your Loyalty Program during checkout:

  1. Tap More > Settings.

  2. Select Loyalty

  3. Toggle on Enable Loyalty signup and check-in.

After each transaction, your customer will receive a text message indicating they’ve been enrolled and, if applicable, earned their first point, along with a link to their loyalty program status.

Apply a Reward to a Current Sale

You can redeem rewards from the Square app by searching for your customer’s name, email address or phone number, or by entering their reward code. Be sure you’re using the most updated version of the Square app to access this feature.

  1. Visit your item library by tapping More > Items.

  2. Tap All Items > Rewards.

  3. Tap Rewards.

  4. Enter your customer’s phone number or name, or enter their email address to search for available rewards. Note: If your customer would like to redeem a coupon but does not have the coupon code, you can search for it using their name, email or phone number.

  5. Select rewards to apply them to your customer’s cart. Multiple rewards of different types can be applied at the same time. For example, you can apply a reward for a percentage, and additionally a reward for a dollar amount on a single sale. If only one reward is available, that reward will automatically be applied. A single reward cannot be applied to more than one sale, even if the full reward is not redeemed.

Note: A punch card needs to be completed in order for the reward to be searchable in the Square app. If rewards are unavailable, No Matches Found will appear.

You can also view or remove rewards applied to a sale from the app’s payment screen. To do so, tap Discounts from your current sale to show the applied rewards and/or to remove them from the sale.

Manually Adjust a Customer’s Loyalty Status

To edit a customer’s star count, locate their customer profile from your online Square Dashboard or the Square Point of Sale app and assign them the correct number of stars.

  1. Tap More > Customers and search for your customer by name or phone number.

  2. Tap Edit next to their Loyalty status and adjust stars using the + / - signs.

  3. Select Save.

Customize your Sign-in Screen

You can turn off the Loyalty screen for non-qualifying transactions, customize the Loyalty screen for non-qualifying transactions, customize the display time of the sign-in screen, turn off the Loyalty sign-in screen completely, and turn off the reward redemption from the checkout screen (available on iOS only).

To do so on Square Point of Sale:

  1. Log in to your Square app > select More > Settings > Loyalty.

  2. Select the setting you would like to adjust for your Loyalty Program.

To do so on Square Register:

  1. Tap More > Settings.

  2. Select Loyalty

  3. Toggle on Enable Loyalty signup and check-in.

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