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Set Up Your Point of Sale with Square for Restaurants

With Square for Restaurants, rather than using your email address and password to sign in, you’ll need to create a device code. A device code can only be used on a single device—so if you have multiple devices at a location, create a unique code for each device accessing the Restaurants POS. Once you create a device code, you can sign in and start taking orders.

If you’re just getting started with Square for Restaurants, learn more about setting up your account. Check out the full comparison of features between Square for Restaurants Free, Plus and Premium Plans.

Create a Point of Sale Device

To get started:

  1. Log in to your Square Dashboard.

  2. Tap Devices from your navigation drop down, then select POS Devices.

  3. If this is your first device, click Create a Point of Sale, If you have existing point of sale devices, click Add a Point of Sale.

  4. Next, enter the device Nickname, for instance, “Bar Device.” Note: To keep the naming consistent, you may want to name your device (with Square) similarly to your iPad (with Apple). Check out Apple’s Guide to find out how.

  5. Add your device to a settings group by turning on Manage Device Using Shared Settings or by customizing an individual device.

  6. Select a device type. Use Restaurants for iPads and Square Registers and Restaurants Mobile for Square Terminal or Restaurants Mobile POS kit.

  7. Once you are happy with your settings, click Create.

  8. Next, you’ll see your device code (you’ll use this code to sign into the Restaurants POS) — you can enter your email or phone number to have the code sent to you. Keep in mind, you have to use your device codes within 48 hours.

  9. Click Done.

Note: Keep your new device code somewhere safe, you’ll need it to log in to the Restaurants app.

Once you create a device code, you can customize your device settings.

Point of Sale Device Settings

Point of Sale Devices in Square for Restaurants are similar to devices in the Square Point of Sale with one main exception—in Square for Restaurants, settings will no longer exist in the app.

While you will still be able to set up hardware and view sales reports, any settings that you are used to enabling or disabling in-app will now be done in your Dashboard when you are creating a device. In order to use Square for Restaurants optimally, you’ll want to make sure that you create your device settings.

Be sure to read the permissions list as thoroughly as possible. Your Device Settings control what you can do on your Restaurants Point of Sale.

Remember, you can have different Device Settings across each location.

Create Shared Device Settings

If you’re planning on using the same device settings for more than one point of sale, you can create shared settings to help you customize multiple devices with just a couple of clicks from your online Square Dashboard.

To create shared device settings:

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard > Settings > Devices > Points of Sale.

  2. Click Create Shared Settings. Choosing the pre-set point-of-sale settings automatically enables typical features. For example, if you select Table Service, settings like always collect signature or sign on printed receipt will be enabled by default.

  3. Select Create New Setting. Customize your settings — including receipt type, tipping, and cash management preferences.

  4. Click Create.

Once you’re done setting up your shared device settings, you’ll see the option to add a device to the group you’ve created — including existing devices.

To update an existing device to access your shared settings group:

Shared Device Settings
  1. Click on the device to update > toggle on Manage Device Using Shared Settings.

  2. Choose Select Settings. You can select an existing settings group, or create new shared settings.

  3. Click Save.

Devices not assigned to a specific shared settings group will be listed in alphabetical order under Other Devices.

Service Settings

The Service Settings tab on your online Square Dashboard allows you to customize your restaurant’s workflow — ranging from closing procedures to gratuity settings.

  • Closing Procedures: Customizing closing procedures will keep your employees from running a Close of Day or Shift Report before completing certain actions. For instance, when you enable Adjust all credit card tips, employees will not be able to end for the day until each payment awaiting tip is settled.

  • Menu Behavior: Allows you to set the default screen after you add an item to a check.

  • Printed Receipts: When you have a compatible printer connected for paper receipts, you can choose to consolidate or list out items and modifiers.

  • Automatic Gratuity: Trigger gratuity for a customizable percentage for certain table sizes. For example, for tables of 6 or more, you could apply an auto-gratuity of 20%.

  • Tip Adjustment: Tips will be assigned to either a) the employee who opens the check, or b) the employee who closes the check.

  • Straight Fire Categories: Send specific item categories right to the bar or kitchen. For example, drinks or appetizers.

Learn more about getting started with Square for Restaurants.