Square for Retail by Device

Square for Retail allows you to track sales, purchase orders, vendors, reports, and inventory across locations. Depending on the hardware setup you are using, you’ll be able to access these features either on your Square Dashboard, through the Square Retail app or both!

If you are using the Square Retail app on an iPad, iPhone, or Square Register, you’ll have access to both the in-app features and a full suite of features on your Square Dashboard. Note: The Square Retail App is supported on iPads and iPhones running iOS 12.0 or higher, and Square Register.

If you are using Square Terminal or an Android mobile device, you won’t be able to access the Retail app, but you can still take advantage of many Square for Retail features on your Dashboard.

To help you decide which setup will work best for your business, here is a full breakdown of Square for Retail features by device, and what’s on your Square Dashboard.

By Device

Square Retail app iPad or Square Stand iPhone Square Register Android Mobile Device
Bulk Intake Inventory on POS Yes No Yes No
Fast receive Purchase Orders on POS Yes No No No
Cross Location Inventory Lookup Yes No No No
Associate customer with order faster Yes Yes Yes No
Streamlined search of items, SKUs, activities, receipts, customers Yes Yes Yes No

On Square Dashboard

Regardless of what device you are using, you can still access all of these Square for Retail features from your Square Dashboard:

  • Create new item/discount

  • Add unit costs to item

  • Receive inventory

  • Add/Adjust Stock to item that’s existing in library

  • Cross-location inventory lookup

  • Transfer Stock between locations

  • Print bar code labels

  • Vendor Management

  • Create new vendor

  • Create Purchase Order

  • Receive Purchase Order

To get started with Square for Retail or Square Register, check out our Support Center.

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