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Get Started with Square for Retail Beta

Welcome to the Square for Retail Beta!

Square for Retail streamlines your business – so your sales, inventory, purchase orders, customer directory and reports are integrated. The Square for Retail app works with your online Square Dashboard, so connecting the dots (while optimizing your business’ profitability) has never been easier.

If you’ve already created a Square account, transitioning to Retail is simple. All of your existing account information will automically be available with Square for Retail — including your items, customers, bank account information, and inventory.

Download the Square for Retail Beta App

Once we have enabled Square for Retail on your account, follow the below steps to download the app.

  1. On your iPad, click here and choose to ‘view’ TestFlight in the app store.
  2. Select install to download TestFlight.
  3. Return to this link and click ‘Start Testing’. This will redirect you to the Square for Retail Beta App Store page.
  4. Install the Square for Retail Beta App.
  5. To sign in to the Retail app, you will need to use a device code. You can set up device codes on this page of your Square Dashboard.

Get Started

Watch a guided walkthrough of the Retail app and Dashboard to learn how to get the most out of Square for Retail.

Export/Import Item Library: Take bulk action on your item library and stock.
Import Unit Costs: Import missing unit costs. It’s important to note importing Unit Costs reflect as a Recount. Recount stock actions do not reflect in your Inventory Plus reporting.

Item Options: Quickly create and organise item variations by combining item options.

[Device Code]With Square for Retail, rather than using your email address and password to sign in to the Retail POS app, you’ll need to create a device code. Each device code can only be used on one device.

Create Barcode Labels: You can generate barcode labels directly from your online Square Dashboard.

Use the Square for Retail POS App

The Retail POS app is your full front-of-house POS solution.

Retail POS App Navigation: Review the Actions Menu of the Retail POS app.
Favorites List: Create a favorites list for your most popular items.
Process a Payment: Manage your cart and process payments.
Issue a Refund or Exchange: Learn how to process a refund or exchange from your transaction history or customers list.
Cash Management: Track cash sales and account for paid in/paid out adjustments outside of a sale.
Manage Inventory from the app: Adjust stock levels.
Manage Customers: Create, manage, or add a customer to a sale.


Square Stand: Purchase the Square Stand to setup a full POS countertop station.
Recommended Hardware for Square Stand: View compatible hardware for your full POS setup.
Mount and Secure Your Square Stand: Set up your Square Stand.
Connect Recommended Hardware to Square Stand: Learn how to connect supported hardware to the Square Stand.
Contactless and Chip Card Reader: Ensure your business is set up to accept EMV (chip cards) and NFC (contactless) payments.


Your Square for Retail subscription includes unlimited employee profiles with Team Management.

Employees: Create individual employee profiles.
Set Permission Sets and Assign Permissions: With Square’s Employee Permissions you are able to customize each of your employee’s permissions and access to your Square Account.

Backend Inventory and Ordering

Square for Retail is geared towards businesses with more inventory and ordering needs than your average Square seller. You’ll have access to two important tools:

Vendor Management: Create vendors with associated items, assign a vendor cost (unit cost for specific vendors), and view each vendor specific item library.
Purchase Orders: Purchase orders allow you to request and receive stock from specific vendors.

View Square for Retail Reports

View Inventory History: View a detailed report of every inventory adjustment.
Advanced Reporting: Square for Retail offers a suite of powerful reporting tools.

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