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Get Started with Square for Retail

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Square for Retail streamlines your business – so your sales, inventory, purchase orders, customer directory and reports are integrated. The Square for Retail app works with your online Square Dashboard, along with iPad and iPhone, Square Terminal and Square Register, so connecting the dots (while optimising your business’ profitability) has never been easier. With Square for Retail, you have two subscription options:

  • Square for Retail Free at no monthly cost

  • Square for Retail Plus at £49 per month, per location.

Learn more about the differences between Square for Retail Free and Square for Retail Plus or sign up for a free 30-day trial to see which features are best suited for your business.

Sign up for Square for Retail

If you’re brand new to Square, explore the Square Basics to get comfortable with our ecosystem – and knock a few essentials off your to-do list:

If you don’t have an existing Square account, you can also sign up directly for Square for Retail.

Clearpay and Square for Retail


With Square for Retail and Clearpay, customers can pay for transactions in four instalments over six weeks.

  • If you’re eligible, you can accept Clearpay payments between £1 to £2,000 in store via your Square for Retail POS app or via your Square Online website.
  • Clearpay is available with Square for Retail Free, Plus and Premium plans.

Learn more about Clearpay and Square.

Clearpay Pricing

Square sellers using Clearpay get paid the full amount at the time of purchase, minus a processing fee on the total order. Enabling Clearpay with Square is free – there are no monthly fees or startup costs. There are no processing fees charged on the remaining instalments or if your customer makes a late payment.

For Clearpay in-person, you’ll pay 1.75% per transaction. This promotional pricing is available until 31st October 2022. From 1st November 2022, you’ll pay 6% + 30p per transaction.

For Clearpay online, you’ll pay 1.9% per transaction. This promotional pricing is available until 31st October 2022. From 1st November 2022, you’ll pay 6% + 30p per transaction.

Note: Clearpay rates are fixed and do not vary by subscription type, hardware or custom pricing.

Enable or Disable Clearpay

You can go to Payment Methods via your online Square Dashboard to enable or disable Clearpay at any time.

Note: The setting for In-person payments with Clearpay is global and applies across all Square products that can also take Clearpay payments in person. This includes other online platforms such as Square Point of Sale, Square Appointments, Square for Restaurants, Square Invoices and Virtual Terminal. There isn’t a way to enable/disable Clearpay only for Square for Retail at this time.

Clearpay Eligibility

To see if you are eligible for Clearpay, visit our In-Person eligibility.

Square for Retail Features

Begin by logging into your online Square Dashboard and setting up your item library with details such as unit types (kilograms, grams, etc.), unit precision up to the hundredths (.00) or thousandths place (.000) and unit costs. You can also generate device codes and create barcode labels.

Square for Retail POS App

The Square for Retail POS app is your full front-of-house POS solution.

Learn more about the differences between Square for Retail Free and Square for Retail Plus.


Square Register

Square Register – Square for Retail POS – Checkout

Once you’ve purchased Square Register to set up a full POS countertop station, follow the steps below:

If you’re using Square for Retail POS on Square Register for the first time, sign in using your email address and password and create or select an existing profile. If you choose to create a device code, you can sign in by tapping Device Code in the top corner of the Square Register screen. Then you can start accepting payments.

If this is your first time using the Square Register and you’ve already completed setup, make sure to check for an update by tapping Change Settings > General > About Register > Software Update.

Note: You can check for an update right away by tapping Check for Update. Square Register also automatically checks for an update every hour.

If you’ve already been accepting payments on Square Register using Square Point of Sale, simply sign out of Square Register. Next, sign in using your email address and password and select Square for Retail. You can also create a Retail device code from your online Square Dashboard to sign in and start taking payments.

Learn how to get started with Square for Retail on Square Register.

Square Terminal

You can now use Square for Retail POS on Square Terminal. Visit the following support articles to get started:

Square Reader

If you’re using a standalone iOS device such as an iPad or iPhone, you can download the Square for Retail App for iOS, create a device code to sign in, pair a Square Reader then start taking payments.

Note: The free Square for Retail POS App is supported by iPads and iPhones running iOS 14 or higher.

Access the Setup Guide

Once you sign up for a Square for Retail account and sign in to the app, you can access the Setup Guide. If you haven’t completed the primary setup steps, you can do so through the Setup Guide, as well as explore guided walk-throughs, tutorials and advanced setup steps. You’ll also see a tracker at the top of the Setup Guide and/or Checkout screen that shows your setup progress.

To dismiss the Setup Guide, tap ••• in the top-right corner of the guide and select Dismiss Setup Guide. This will remove the Setup Guide tracker from your Checkout screen, but you can easily access it any time after you dismiss it.

  • If you’re using Square for Retail on your iPhone, tap ≡ Menu at the bottom-right side of the app screen and tap Support > Tutorials > Setup Guide.
  • If you’re using Square for Retail on your iPad, tap ≡ Menu at the bottom-left side of the app screen, and tap Support > Tours and Tutorials > Setup Guide.

Note: Setup Guide is not currently available for Square Terminal or Square Register, but you can access the same checklist directly from your online Square Dashboard.

Square Team Management & Square Shifts

Your Square for Retail Plus subscription includes essential labour management tools, with the option to upgrade to advanced features. Square Shifts Free with Square for Retail Plus includes features such as unlimited team members, time tracking, scheduling and timecard exports. Square Team Management with Square for Retail Plus includes two custom permission sets, in addition to the account owner. 

You also have access to these features in theTeam section of your online Square Dashboard:

  • Add team members: Create individual team member profiles and assign passcodes.

  • Set roles and assign permissions: Customise your team members’ permissions and access to your Square account.

  • Add Square Shifts: Create rotas up to 10 days out, set availability for your team, view and edit timecards, and more.

You can also subscribe to Team Plus or Square Shifts Plus for advanced labour features.

Backend Inventory and Ordering

Square for Retail is geared towards businesses with more inventory and ordering needs. You’ll have access to these important tools:

  • Vendor Management: Create vendors with associated items, assign a vendor cost (unit cost for specific vendors) and view each vendor-specific item library.

  • Purchase Orders: Purchase orders allow you to request and receive stock from specific vendors.

  • Bulk Receive Stock: Bulk receiving stock allows you to quickly scan or enter your inventory via Square for Retail on iOS and Square Register.

View Square for Retail Reports

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