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Set up Square for Retail

Who is this article for?
This article is for account owners who are setting up their Square for Retail account for the first time.

Before you begin

The steps in this guide are the basic setup instructions for Square for Retail. Make sure you have an active Square for Retail subscription. If you don’t have an active Square for Retail subscription, sign up for Square for Retail.

Access the Setup Guide 

Once you sign up for a Square for Retail account, you can access the setup guide on your iPhone, iPad, or on your Square Dashboard. The setup guide will help you access guided walkthroughs, tutorials, and advanced setup steps. You’ll also see a tracker at the top of the Setup Guide and/or Checkout screen that shows your setup progress.

To dismiss the Setup Guide, tap ••• in the top-right corner of the guide, and select Dismiss Setup Guide. This will remove the Setup Guide tracker from your Checkout screen, but you can easily access it any time after you dismiss it.

The Square for Retail setup guide is not available on Android devices at this time.
  • If you’re using Square for Retail on your iPhone, tap ≡ Menu at the bottom right side of the app screen, and tap Support > Tutorials > Setup Guide.

  • If you’re using Square for Retail on your iPad, tap ≡ Menu at the bottom left side of the app screen, and tap Support > Tours and Tutorials > Setup Guide.

Set up your account

If you’re brand new to Square, explore the Square Basics to get comfortable with our ecosystem and knock a few essentials off your to-do list:

Select your hardware

Get the right hardware for your business to start accepting payments, printing receipts, and scanning barcodes. You can compare Square Register, Terminal, and Stand in our Support Centre.

Square Reader

If you’re using a standalone iOS device such as an iPad or iPhone, you can download the Square for Retail App for iOS, create a device code to sign in, pair a Square Reader and start taking payments. The Square Reader connects to your mobile device or tablet via Bluetooth so you can accept credit cards that feature a chip or contactless payments such as Apple pay and Google pay. Learn about the different versions of the Square Readers and their features.

Square Stand

Square Stand securely holds your iPad in place and swivels so your customer can review the payment total, sign, and enter their receipt information for email or SMS delivery. The Square Stand includes a USB accessory hub to directly connect a supported receipt printer, cash drawer, and barcode scanner. View compatible hardware accessories for Square Stand.

Square Terminal

Square Terminal is a handheld device with a built-in printer that allows you to take payments at the counter or on the go. You can seamlessly check out customers, process refunds and exchanges, manage inventory and purchase orders, and check transactions and reporting—all on one handheld device. View compatible hardware accessories for Square Terminal.

Square Register

Square Register allows you to accept card payments all from one device to create a complete POS system. Square Register also features a customer facing display to let your customers view items, complete sales, and update contact information on their own. Square Register has a USB accessory hub that allows up to five USB devices. View compatible hardware accessories for Square Register.

Set up your point of sale devices

  • Device Code: With Square for Retail, you can create a device code to sign in to your account on any compatible hardware device. This option is ideal for logging in quickly or allowing an employee to sign into a device without using your email address and password.

  • Device management: You can set up, monitor, and manage all your Square Point of Sale devices in one place on your Square Dashboard. You can create device profiles, printer profiles, and device codes.

Create Items and set up your fulfilment methods

Start taking payments

Next steps

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