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Best Practices for Local Delivery with Square Online

Your Square Online ordering page is a critical hub for your business. When you drive collection and local delivery orders directly to your Square Online ordering page, you avoid the high commissions charged by third-party marketplaces, while gaining valuable data on every order that you can use to build stronger customer relationships.

Considering the high brand awareness of third-party marketplaces and the abundance of competing restaurants, promoting your direct local delivery channels of In-House Delivery can seem daunting. With this comprehensive article, you can learn how to increase traffic to your online ordering page so business remains directly between you and your customers.

Leverage Your Delivery Settings, Features and Fees

What you charge for delivery plays an important part in how often customers order directly from you instead of using delivery apps or ordering from your competitors. Maximise your order volume while protecting your profits by setting up your delivery settings, features and fees to work for you.

Charge a service fee

If you plan to cover all or part of the In-House Delivery fee, consider offsetting that cost with a service fee. Customers tend to respond positively to low delivery fees, and since service fees are grouped with taxes at checkout, customers may be less price-sensitive to them. Remember that 100% of service fees goes to you.

To add a service fee to your customer’s local delivery order:

  1. From your Account & Settings page, go to Fulfilment > Collection & Delivery.
  2. Select Edit by the location for which you want to offset fees.
  3. Go to the Delivery tab.
  4. Under ‘Delivery & service fees’, toggle on the Service fee option and enter the amount desired to offset the cost of the incurred delivery fee.
  5. Select Save when finished.

Offer free delivery on orders over a certain amount

Encourage your customers to buy more from you by using free delivery as an incentive for larger In-House Delivery orders. To set up this option:

  1. From your Account & Settings page, go to Fulfilment > Collection & Delivery.
  2. Select Edit by the location that you want to manage.
  3. Go to the Delivery tab.
  4. Under ‘Delivery & service fees’, toggle on the option to pay the full delivery fee for orders over a certain amount and enter the amount.
  5. Select Save when finished.

Set a minimum order amount

If you plan to cover part or all of your customer’s delivery fee, set a minimum delivery amount to make sure you aren’t offering delivery at a loss. To set up a minimum order amount:

  1. From your Account & Settings page, go to Fulfilment > Collection & Delivery.
  2. Select Edit by the location that you want to manage.
  3. Go to the Delivery tab.
  4. Toggle on Minimum order amount and enter your amount.
  5. Select Save when finished.

Create a delivery promo code

Encourage your customers to try your direct delivery service by offering them discount vouchers on their first order with an exclusive promo code. Learn more about creating vouchers in Square Online.

Create a Successful Experience with Your Online Menu 

Without in-person staff to explain the menu, your customers will need additional, personalised support to ensure they choose the perfect meal from home, and that it gets to their destination just as the chef intended.

Focus on visual appeal

When customers sit in, they can smell and see your food. With online ordering, you need to bring your virtual menu to life and tempt customers with eye-catching food photography instead. Include high-quality images of each menu item and ensure that your dishes closely resemble them when delivered to customers.

Learn more about product images in Square Online. You can also learn more about getting started with the Square Photo Studio app for more information about creating professional-looking item images directly from your mobile device.

Write clear and compelling descriptions

Online customers can’t ask your staff questions like they can at your restaurant, so be sure to write clear descriptions of your dishes. List key ingredients alongside food restrictions and allergy warnings so that customers feel confident about placing their orders.

Organise your menu with food categories

Make it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for with categories. For example, you can divide your menu into starters, mains, desserts, sides and drinks. You can also consider adding extra categories for food types such as meat, fish and vegetarian to signal that you can accommodate a broad range of customers.

Learn more about adding items and categories to Square Online.

Share your food safety measures

Many people are being more vigilant about health and safety. Be really clear about the range of measures your restaurant is taking to ensure safety when preparing and delivering food. For example, it might be that all of your delivery drivers wear masks and gloves. You could display this information as a banner on all or selected pages of your website, potentially with a link to further details.

Learn more about pop-ups and adding text to your Square Online site so that your safety information is clearly visible and accessible to your customers.

Consider your packaging

Choose packaging that keeps your food as fresh as possible. For example, baked goods might require airtight containers, frozen meals likely need insulated packaging with refrigerant and foods that bruise easily might need tight padding. Take this into consideration when you’re adapting your menu primarily for collection and local delivery. Prioritise food that won’t require too much custom packaging, which can be expensive.

Offer dishes that travel well

Your customers will likely expect that the images of your food they see online look similar to the delivery orders that arrive at their doors. Your best bet is to choose dishes that can hold their shape when they travel.

If an order does require some assembly on the customer’s part, include directions and guidance in their delivery order to make sure that your customers are still having a great experience with your cuisine. You can also add this information to your website.

Recreate experiences

As more customers turn to collection and local delivery, they can long for the holistic experience of full-service dining. In addition to your standard online menu, consider crafting custom or set menus around certain themes or nights of the week (e.g. date night menu, movie night menu, etc.) to help make dining at home feel more special or festive.

To set up menus based on certain days and times, try using time-based categories.

Drive Awareness of Your Square Online Ordering Page

One of the major barriers to restaurants increasing their direct online ordering traffic is a lack of customer awareness of the ordering options available to them. Many customers might also be in the habit of ordering from familiar third-party marketplaces without considering the commissions that are charged to the restaurant. The good news is that you already have a number of marketing channels available that you can use to educate and make customers aware of your direct delivery service.

On-site popups and banners

Make your delivery offering hard to miss, directly on your website. Create an information banner that automatically pops up on-screen when customers visit your online ordering page. Use the pop-up banner to communicate delivery details, special promotions or other important announcements. Learn more about adding pop-ups to Square Online.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to make your existing customers aware of your direct delivery offering. Consider sending a campaign in advance of a major sporting event, holiday or other seasonal moment promoting your business, or a monthly newsletter updating customers on your latest menu items and offers.

Square Marketing is an easy-to-use marketing tool that seamlessly integrates with Square Online and can help you launch your own promotional campaign to drive more local delivery orders. Beyond one-time campaigns, you can set up automated emails that deploy at specific milestones in a customer’s life cycle (think birthdays, first purchase, abandoned basket and lapsed customers). You can even enhance your message with a special online promo code. Learn more about getting started with Square Marketing and creating vouchers in Square Online.

Add and update your review site profiles

Many customers look to reviews to discover and decide where to order. Making sure you have claimed these profiles and that the content is updated are crucial to directing traffic to your direct online ordering channel. Use this as an opportunity to promote your Square Online ordering page and delivery service. Ensure that your website URL is also updated.

Some top platforms include:

  • Yelp
  • Foursquare
  • Tripadvisor
  • Facebook

Point dine-in customers to your online ordering page

Your in-store operations provide a useful platform to generate awareness among customers who already love your food. You can use a QR code for your Square Online site that’ll take customers to your site’s homepage. You can print out and include the QR code in collection and local delivery orders, on your checkout counter or anywhere else you think it might help increase your traffic.

To use a QR code for your Square Online site:

  1. From your Square Online Overview page, go to Website > Site Preferences.
  2. Under Site QR Code, select Manage QR Code.
  3. Choose to either Export QR Code or Print ordering card.

Note: Your site must be published to use the QR code.

Learn more about site preferences for Square Online.

Expand Your Presence on Social Media 

Social media is another touchpoint where you can inform and interact with your customers. Ensure that you have a direct link to your online ordering page on your Instagram or Facebook profile pages to give customers another way to access your business online. Download the social media toolkit below to help you get started.

Download the social media toolkit >

Allow orders from your social media profiles

With food ordering buttons directly on your Facebook and Instagram business profiles, customers will only be a tap away from placing a direct order straight from your pages. Learn more about adding food ordering buttons to your profiles with Facebook Food Ordering.

Drive awareness with content

While much of what you post on social media should showcase your menu, you can also use it as a channel to drive awareness of your direct ordering options. Square created a toolkit of ready-to-post social media images to alert your customers of the benefits of ordering directly from you. Download the social media toolkit linked above which includes formats for both story and newsfeed posts.

Tips for posting:

  • Since story posts refresh daily, you can repost these promotional images more frequently to ensure your followers have the chance to view the post.
  • For both in-feed and story posts, you can add your own text caption to customise the information your followers see. For example, you can remind your followers of your website URL or that they can find the link in your profile’s bio.

Create Promotions and Incentives

Encouraging your loyal customers to order directly from you can be easy to do, but competing with third-party delivery apps with massive consumer awareness and promotional engines can pose quite a challenge. While not an easy task, there are simple ways to encourage customers to order directly from you.

Promo codes and discounts

Offer customers an exclusive discount for ordering directly from you. Consider sharing a promo code for your online ordering site via email or as a voucher placed inside order packaging.

For local delivery, offer your customers free delivery with vouchers that automatically remove the delivery charge from your customer’s order total. This is a great way to encourage first-time orders on your site. You can also limit the number of uses per customer for this voucher type (like offering free delivery for first-time orders only).

Learn more about creating >vouchers in Square Online.

Exclusive menu items and pricing

While there may still be value in having your restaurant listed on third-party apps, consider how you can make your direct offering more attractive to customers by including exclusive menu offerings only available on your direct ordering page.

To insulate margins, restaurants commonly increase their prices on third-party marketplaces. Offering lower prices via your direct ordering channel can encourage customers to order directly from you for a more affordable meal. To create exclusive menu offerings, learn more about offering hidden items in Square Online.

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