Learn About Square’s Fees

Square’s Payment Processing Fees

With the Square Point of Sale app, you’ll pay the following per-transaction fees:

  • 1.75% + VAT for each tapped (contactless), Tap to Pay on Android, inserted (Chip and PIN) or swiped card-present transaction.

  • 2% + VAT for payments manually keyed-in to the Square Point of Sale app.

  • 2.5% + VAT for Square Invoices, Virtual Terminal and recurring payments facilitated via Card on File.

  • 1.4% + 25c + VAT for EU + EEA cards, and 2.9% + 25c + VAT for UK and non-EEA cards for our online payment products, including Square eCommerce API, Square Online, Online Checkout, Subscription Payments and purchases of Digital Gift Cards.

There are no minimum monthly transaction requirements, and fees are only charged when card payments are processed.

The transaction rates remain the same no matter what type of card is charged—Visa, Mastercard and American Express are all charged at the same rate.

Discover a more detailed breakdown of Square's fees and pricing.

No Hidden Fees

Square uses a simple per-transaction pricing structure, with no hidden fees. There are no fees for:

  • Account activation

  • Early termination

  • Interchange fees

  • Chargeback fees

  • Cash payments

  • Account inactivity

  • PCI compliance

Card fees are included in Square’s fees, so you will not incur any charges from the card networks. Learn more about the way our fees are broken down.

Note: Payment processing fees are taken out of the total amount of each transaction, including any VAT you may apply on the sale and tip.

View Your Fees

View your current processing rates at any time from your online Square Dashboard:

  1. Go to Account & Settings > Business information > Fee invoices.

  2. Click on the reporting location and month, then click Download to download a PDF.

Note: Processing fees are charged per transaction and deducted before each transfer. Fees cannot be charged on a monthly basis.

View Fees Paid Per Transfer

From your Square POS app

  1. Tap ≡ More > Balance.
  2. Tap View all activity > select a transfer. Note: Fees for the sales included in that transfer are listed under Estimated Fees.

From your online Square Dashboard

  1. Go to View all transfers.
  2. Select a date range from the date selector tool.
  3. Select a transfer from the list for an overview of the total fees paid.
  4. To view fees associated with each transaction in your selected transfer date range, click Export.

View Fees for a Period of Time

From your Square Point of Sale app

  1. Tap ≡ More > Reports.
  2. Tap Sales > select a predefined date range or tap the date to set a custom range.
  3. Tap Done.
  4. Scroll to the “Fees” line of the sales summary report.

From your online Square Dashboard

  1. From the main menu, go to Reports.
  2. Click Sales Summary > select a date range from the date selector tool.
  3. Fees paid for this period of time will be displayed in the Payments row of the report.

View Fees for a Single Payment

From your online Square Dashboard

  1. Go to Reporting > Transactions.
  2. Select a date range and apply any desired filters.
  3. Select a transaction. The fee paid for the transaction will be displayed in the Fees column.

View Fees reports

You can easily download a PDF file of various fees (such as card processing fees, instant transfer fees and application fees), taxes on fees and the cost of taking payments with Square. To download your fees report:

  1. Log in to your online Square Dashboard and click Reporting > Reports.
  2. Click Fees.
  3. Select a month and the desired columns.
  4. Click the Print button to print or Save as a PDF file.

To learn more about the Square reporting terms, visit our Support Centre.

Fees FAQ

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