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Add Items and Categories to Square Online in the Overview Page

Items synced to Square Online from your Square Item Library can be changed to 7 different item types. Check out the 7 item types found in Square Online to add the item type that suits your needs.

Item types

  • Physical: Best for basic retail items such as clothing or jewellery. Learn more about selling physical items online.
  • Digital: Lets you sell a digital file like an ebook or song. Learn more about selling digital items online.
  • Donation: Allow site visitors to send donations for any cause. Learn more about accepting donations online.
  • Membership: Collect membership dues and registration fees for clubs and classes. Learn more about selling non-physical items like memberships online.
  • Event: Sell tickets to events, and include location address and times. Learn more about selling non-physical items like event tickets online.
  • Service: Best for services for hire such as massages and hair styling. Learn more about selling non-physical items like services online.
  • Prepared food and beverage: Best for restaurants and other food venues. Learn more about selling food and beverage items online.

You can also add and edit items in the Square Online site editor. Learn more about adding an item and category to Square Online in the site editor.

Create a New Item

To create a new item in the Square Online Overview page, go to Items > Site Items and select Create new item. You can also select Add from item library to add items from your item library to the specific site you're viewing.

Note: Items added in the Square Online Overview page will sync to Square Item Library. Learn more about Square Online item sync.

To start setting up a new item, add the item title and description that will appear on the item page on your website.

Add one or more images of your item, then scroll down and select a fulfilment method. Choose one or more of the following options:

  • Delivery

  • Collection

  • Local delivery

  • Self-serve ordering

You can also set an item-specific prep time for collection and delivery.

Scroll down to the options section to enter the price and an optional item SKU or ID if you have one, then enter the item’s weight for delivery purposes. You can set a stock quantity for your item after saving. Learn more about managing item stock here.


If your item has variations such as different sizes or colours, click on Add/Manage variations to enter these. The example item above comes in four different sizes. When customers buy the item, they can choose which size they want before adding the item to their basket. Learn more about item variations in this guide.

When you’re finished, Save to create your new item and add it to your Square Online site.

Create a New Category

Now that you’ve added an item, let’s place it into a category. From the Square Online Overview page, go to Items > Site Categories and select Add Category.


Give the new category a name, and click Choose items to add items to the category. Add an image to represent the category on your website.

If you have at least one other category, you can create a subcategory. Under "Category organisation," click the + button next to a category. After saving your changes, the new category will appear nested underneath the category you just selected on the Items > Site Categories page.

You can also limit the availability of items in a category under Availability. Select Only certain days and times, and choose the days and times when the items will be available for collection or delivery.

Tip: To save time, you also have the option of transferring existing categories from Square POS to Square Online. This option is available only once, and you will manage Square Online categories separately from then on.


Save when you’re finished to return to the Site Categories page. If you want to add more, simply follow the steps outlined above.

Delete Categories and Items


If you need to delete a category, click on it from the Site Categories page, and click the trash bin icon. This will not remove any items that you’ve added to the category.

If you need to remove an item from your site, go to the Site Items page and locate the item(s) you wish to delete. Then use the bulk editing method to remove the item from your website only.

To completely delete an item from Square Item Library and Square Online, select the item on the Site Items page and select "..." > Delete.