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Sell hidden items with Square Online

One way of building a relationship with your clients is by offering select customers certain items on your Square Online site that aren’t available to anyone else. This can help make select items feel special and more exclusive, as well as deepen your rapport with customers and make them more likely to return.

About hidden items

When an item is set to Hidden, it means it’s available for purchase online but won’t display on your ordering page. You can still add the item to featured item sections (useful for events and donations) or give buyers a direct link to the item (useful for exclusive items).

Change item site visibility to hidden

To sell hidden items on Square Online, you first need to ensure that the visibility for these items is set to Hidden. To start:

  1. from your Square Item Library, select an existing item or create a new one.

  2. Under ‘Where it’s sold’, choose Hidden from the Site visibility dropdown menu.

  3. Select Save when finished.

The hidden item is now available for purchase, but only for customers who either have the direct link to the item page, access to the featured items section where the hidden item can be displayed or access to password-protected areas of your site.

Create your buyer experience

To create a buyer experience with your hidden items, you can try any of these methods to sell them. Remember, hidden items will not appear on your ordering page.

Share a direct link only

To sell hidden items, you can simply share a direct link to your item page with customers in marketing campaigns or anywhere else you see fit. If you don’t want customers to see a link to this page anywhere on your site, be sure to not include the item link in your navigation menu (or anywhere else, such as linked text, buttons or images). This can help create a sense of exclusivity for the item. Learn how to create pages and navigation in Square Online for details on your navigation menu.

Feature or link to your items on your site

If you don’t necessarily want to hide the item link, you can still exclude it from your navigation menu and either feature it on one of your pages or create a link. Learn more about featured items and creating links in Square Online for details.

Create a more exclusive experience

To make your hidden item feel more exclusive, you can add your item to a featured items section and then restrict access to this page with a password. Learn more about password protection for Square Online for details.

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