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Square Appointments Get Started Guide

Square Appointments is a flexible scheduling system for your business, and a simple booking tool for your clients. This guide will help you set up, operate, and get the most out of your Appointments account.

Sign Up

When you s’inscrire à Rendez-vous Square, you gain access to Square’s scheduling tools. New and existing clients can easily find details about your services, view availability, and book appointments from your website or from your free Square booking site.

Pricing for Square Appointments is based on the number of staff you have associated with your account. If you’re using Square Appointments for Individuals, there is no monthly subscription fee.

When you create staff to manage and book appointments with your account, you’ll be charged a monthly service charge depending on the number of active staff associated with your account.

  • Appointments for Individuals: Free.

  • 2 to 5 staff: $60 Canadian dollars per month and processing fees of 2.65% for non-Interac and 10¢ for Interac.

  • 6 - 11 staff: $110 Canadian dollars per month and processing fees of 2.65% for non-Interac and 10¢ for Interac.

  • 11 + staff: Please nous contacter.

Learn more about frais de traitement des paiements de Square.

Télécharger l’application Rendez-vous Square: If you are using an iPhone or iPad, you can download the Square Appointments app for free to manage your appointments directly from your mobile device.

Read more about téléchargement de Rendez-vous Square.

Configurer plusieurs points de vente: If your business has multiple locations, you can create separate profiles to help organize your staff and booking information per location. There is no extra cost for setting up multiple locations for Square Appointments.

Note: Appointments does not support class booking at this time.


The first step towards setting up online booking is creating Square Appointments profiles for you and your staff. On each profile, you’re able to set up hours of availability, services offered, and general permissions.

Note: Although Square Appointments for Individuals is free to use, once you create a staff member, you’ll be charged a frais d’abonnement mensuel.

Créer le personnel:When you create staff members, you can edit access to their calendar, set their availability for booking, specify different price points per staff member, and manage their notification settings. Allow different levels of access when you create an employee profile and assign staff to specific groupe d’autorisations. If you have plusieurs points de vente, you can assign staff to one, or all locations.

Régler les heures du personnel:You can set distinct hours for each staff member, independent from the location business hours. Clients can only book an appointment with a staff member during the hours they are available.

Fiches de présence: Create a staff member and assign a passcode to track your staff’s hours. With Square Timecard Reports, you’ll save time calculating employee hours and running payroll.

Rajuster la visibilité du personnel: If you’d like to add or remove a staff member from your online booking site, you can do so from their staff profile. Clients won’t see staff members unless they are enabled for online booking.

Commission TrackingOffer your employees more ways to earn money. You can assign your staff unique commission rates based on tenure and apply a flat commission rate for all retail items sold. Incentivize your employees by setting up tiered commission rates.

You can also read more about creating your staff on our Centre d’assistance.


The next step to accepting appointments through your Square account is creating bookable services. You can enable services for online booking and choose which staff can offer specific services.

Créer des services: You are able to create services from the Service Library in the Items section of your online Tableau de bord Square, or from your Appointments app. When creating services, in addition to setting the price and duration, make sure to enable them for online booking.

Tarification des services: There are a few options for pricing your services. You can choose to either make a service a Fixed Price or a Variable Price to handle pricing on a case-by-case basis. You can also provide a Display Price, which will appear next to the service during online booking.

Activer les services pour Réservations en ligne: Once you create services, you can enable or disable visibility for online booking. If you have a seasonal service, or maybe just unavailable for a limited time, you can hide your services without deleting them by disabling Online Booking Visibility.

Attribuer les services au personnel: Not all staff members offer the same services. Tailor the service listing for each staff member on their individual profile. The services you enable for a specific staff member will appear when your clients go to your free online booking site.

Modifier l’ordre d’affichage des services: You have complete control over the order in which your services appear. By default, your services will appear in the order in which you create them. Try putting your most popular services at the top of the list featuring specialty services, or simply use the default listing order.

Learn more about création et modification de vos services.

Online Booking

Prendre un rendez-vous test: Once you create your services and staff members, it’s helpful to go through and book a test appointment. To get comfortable adding events to your calendar, head to your online Appointments dashboard and create a test appointment. Test appointments are helpful since the process will be the same if you decide to book an appointment for a client on your end, rather than directing them to your booking site.

Créer un événement personnel: In addition to client appointments, you can add personal events to help keep your schedule centralized. Booking a personal event, like a lunch, will update your status to unavailable for online booking during the length of the event.

Accepter des rendez-vous manuellement ou automatiquement: Depending on your preference, you can review each requested appointment from your clients before accepting, or, automatically accept all appointments when they are requested.

Établir les exigences pour réserver en ligne: Select from three payment options for booking online: No Requirements to Book Appointment, Hold a Card for No-Show Protection, and Require Prepayment.

Read more about exigences de paiement pour réservation.

Conserver la carte pour la protection en cas d’absence: What is No-Show Protection? Enabling No-Show Protection will require clients enter their card information before the appointment is successfully booked. When you enable No-Show Protection, you can set the minimum amount of time you require for a cancellation and also the dollar or percentage to charge if your client cancels outside of your cut-off time.

Personnaliser votre profil: Edit your business information for a single or multiple locations. The information in your location profile will appear on your booking site, website widget, and email communications.

Configurer votre site de réservation en ligne: You have access to a free online booking site for your customers to schedule appointments with you and your staff. If you have multiple locations, each location will have a unique URL.

Intégrer un bouton Réservation de rendez-vous sur votre propre site Web: If you already have a website, embed a booking button or widget by inserting your unique HTML code that is generated automatically for each Appointments account. You can also customize the text and color of your booking button to make sure it fits your website’s design.

Read more about using the gadget de réservation intégré.

Définir votre politique d’annulation et les frais: Every business is different, so being clear about your cancellation policy can help your customers understand your needs for operating your day-to-day. When you set your cancellation policy, choose the amount you’d like to charge your client if they cancel their appointment past your cut-off time.

In addition to the required cancellation policy, write an optional note for further instructions or requirements. The cancellation policy is visible to your client at the time of their booking.

Read more about établissement d’une politique d’annulation.

Programmer des rendez-vous auprès de plusieurs membres du personnel Your clients can book a single appointment with your business that contains multiple services assigned to different staff members.


Creating and maintaining a client base is a key part of operating your business. Square Appointments has tools designed to help manage your clients’ contact information, past appointments, and market your services to targeted groups.

Importation en vrac de votre liste de clients: If you already have a client list,bulk import their information directly into your Square account. If you don’t have a client list, you’ll be able to invite clients to your directory or create client profiles manually. Clients will also be automatically added to your directory once they successfully book an appointment. Read more about importer votre liste de clients.

Créer des clients: Create clients manually from your online Square Dashboard. When you create a client, you can enter their contact information and assign them to specific groups to help you stay organized.

Gérer les communications relatives aux rendez-vous: Appointments communications include customizable text and email reminders that are sent out automatically. Choose the time frame to send a message leading up to the next appointment.

Inviter des clients: When you add your customer’s name and email address, they’ll receive your message personnalisé letting them know that you’re providing online booking through Square Appointments. Entering their information will also create a client profile in the Clients tab of your online Appointments dashboard.

Gérer ou supprimer les clients: Ensure your contact list is up to date by deleting clients you haven’t seen for a while. Although you can create and delete customers from the Clients on your Appointments dashboard, you’re also able to take bulk actions such as importing, exporting, and grouping from the Customers on your main Square Dashboard.


Your calendar helps you manage your day, week, or month at a glance. Filter your view by time frame, staff, and location.

Parcourir votre calendrier: Personalize your calendar by using the filters at the top of the page. View only your appointments, or you and your staff’s appointments side-by-side. Appointments are color coded by staff and you can update color preferences by selecting from the color grid at the bottom of each individual staff profile.

Synchroniser votre calendrier personnel: Import your personal or business Google Calendar with your Square Appointments calendar to manage your schedule in one place. Both you and your staff are able to sync your Google calendars — you can refresh, delete, or reset your preferences at any time.

Read more about synchronisation de vos calendriers personnel et professionnel

Fixer un rendez-vous de client: Add a client’s appointment any time — by selecting a time slot directly on your calendar or clicking Create Appointment, you can add your customer’s information, book with a staff member, and select the upcoming services.

Learn more about utilisation de votre calendrier Rendez-vous.

Payments and Reporting

Passage en caisse avec l’application Rendez-vous: The Square Appointments app lets you view, create, edit, and accept appointments. You can also view your client information and charge customers for appointments directly from the app. When your customer is ready to pay, just select Review and Check Out. Services and items will automatically populate from the appointment details. Read more about passage en caisse avec l’application Rendez-vous.

Afficher les transactions et les rapports: Square offers powerful reporting tools to give you insights into how your business is growing. View individual transactions or reports by a weekly, monthly, or yearly breakdown. Read more about using fonctionnalités de production de rapports de Square.

Le suivi des ventes du personnel: With your Appointments subscription, you’ll have the ability to track staff sales once you create an employee profile from you Tableau de bord Square en ligne. When you complete a transaction, the sale will be associated with the staff member the appointments was booked with.

If you process a payment without a booked appointments, the sale will be attributed to the staff member logged in.

Read more about passage en caisse avec Rendez-vous Square et Gestion d’équipe.

Consulter l’historique des rendez-vous: View your entire appointment history at any time. Appointments history allows you to search by client name, service, or staff. You can also have the ability to export this information.

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