Customer Accounts

The Customer Accounts feature gives buyers the option to create an account after completing a purchase on your site. This will save their shipping information and order history, which they can log in to view.

Note: The Customer Accounts option isn’t available if you’re using the Membership feature. If you want to use Customer Accounts, you can disable Membership by removing all members and member groups in Settings > Members. You will also need to change the visibility for any pages that were visible only to members or member groups.

To turn on Customer Accounts, go to Settings > Checkout from your dashboard, then click Advanced settings.

Scroll down to Checkout Options and check the box for Customer Accounts, then save.

Customers checking out on your website can now choose to create an account to save their shipping address and email.


Returning customers can log in to have their saved information loaded during checkout. They can also log in to view their previous orders and saved information.

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