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Choose Styles for Your Square Online Site


Instead of choosing individual colours, fonts and shapes for your Square Online site, you can use preset styles to quickly set up your site design in a way that closely matches your brand. With our curated design elements, get inspired to create a design visitors will love, and even customize individual elements based on the preset style to create your own theme.

Learn more about designing and customizing your Square Online site for more information on all of your site design options.

Note: Web accessibility is an important aspect of designing a website that’s accessible to as many people as possible, particularly those with disabilities or impairments. Learn more about web accessibility for Square Online sites.

Change Your Style

To change your style:

  1. From your Square Online site editor, select Site design.

  2. Select Pick a new style.

  3. Choose a style and select Customize when finished.

  4. Optionally customize the preset style colours, fonts and shapes.

Note: If you customize one of our preset styles, the customized style can’t be saved as a theme template for future use.

Learn more about:

Style Options


Styles include the following options:

  • Minimal: Characterized by clean white backgrounds and one primary colour for elements.

  • Soft: Characterized by soft and subtle background colours and darker elements in the same colour scheme.

  • Bright: Characterized by bright background colours and bright complementary colours for elements.

  • Bold: Characterized by bold background colours and bold complementary colours for elements.

  • Midnight: Characterized by dark and deep background colours and bright complementary colours for elements.

Checkout Page Style


The following elements on your checkout page will be in the same style as the rest of your website:

  • Background colour

  • Font colour

  • Button colour and shape

Note: For legibility purposes, the font style on your checkout page will remain the default font style for all Square Online sites.

Learn more about your checkout options with Square Online.

Reset Your Style

If you’ve customized the colours, fonts and shapes of a preset style in Square Online, you can reset it to its default state at any time. To reset your style:

  1. From your Square Online site editor, select Site design.

  2. Select Reset to style defaults.

Note: If you reset your current style, there’s a rare chance it’s been updated since first applying it to your site. In such cases, your site will be reset to the latest version of the style.

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