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Add Facebook Messenger to Square Online

Communication is a key part of building trust with your customers. You may already have a contact form on your website, but sometimes getting a quick, personal response can make all the difference. If your business has a Facebook business page, you can add a Messenger button to your Square Online site in just a few simple steps.

Set Up Messenger


From the Square Online overview page, navigate to Communications > Messenger, and click the Set up now button. You’ll be asked to connect your Facebook page and grant permissions. Take a moment to review the permission request, then click Done.


You should see your connected Facebook page once you’ve finished connecting to and authorising Facebook. Click the Next button to move on.


Choose a Messenger Icon Style

Choose a style for the Messenger icon, and decide where you want it to be on your site. The preview image will update to reflect your choices so you can get an idea of how it will look on your website. If you change your mind later, you can easily edit the appearance of the icon from the Square Online overview page in Communications > Messenger.


Finalise Messenger Setup

The final step is to publish your website.

Note: Using the Publish button here will also publish any changes you’ve made since your last publish in the Square Online site editor. If you’re not ready to publish your site, click Cancel and come back later to finish the setup and publish.

Once the Messenger icon is live on your website, it will appear on every page in the location you chose during setup. Customers who click on the icon will be taken to a new window with a blank message to your page. From this point, everything works the same as usual in Facebook Messenger.


Disable Messenger

If you ever want to disable Facebook Messenger and remove it from your site, you can do so from the Square Online overview pagein Communications > Messenger by selecting the Disable button. You can also change which Facebook page is connected, or completely disconnect your Facebook account from here.

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