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Connect Square Online with Meta for Business

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Connect your Square Online website to Meta for Business so you can use Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping to seamlessly sync your product catalogue, run ads and manage all your eCommerce channels in one place. Buyers can access items through your social profiles and complete checkout on your Square Online website.

Note: To use Facebook Shops, be sure you’re disconnected from Facebook Food Ordering, which allows you to add “Order Food” buttons to your profiles. Learn more about Facebook Food Ordering for Square Online.


Setting up a single online store for Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping offers many features, including

  • Full control and visibility when syncing your product catalogue

  • Informative validation errors so you can fix the appropriate attributes

  • Manage your listings across all sales channels in one place

  • Run dynamic ads featuring top items from your catalogue

  • Gain valuable data to understand your customers better

Meta for Business Glossary

Meta Feature Description
Facebook Pixel An analytics tool that helps you manage the effectiveness of your advertising.
Ads Manager A Meta tool where you can create and manage Facebook and Instagram ads.
Automatic Advanced Matching Advanced Matching can help you optimise your Facebook ads to drive better results. Toggle on this feature so you can use the information your customers have provided to your business, like an email address or phone number, to match your website’s visitors to people on Facebook.
Meta Catalogue A catalogue holds information about all the items you want to advertise or sell on Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping. You can use your catalogue with different types of ads and sales channels to promote your items.
Facebook Shops A feature you can enable to make products visible to customers on your Facebook Page.
This is available via Meta Commerce Manager.  
Instagram Shopping Allows customers to buy your items from the Instagram app.
This is available via Meta Commerce Manager.  

Get Started

Complete the one-time setup process below to create ads and allow customers to buy your items from your Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Connect Meta for Business

To connect your Meta for Business to Square Online:

  1. Go to Online > Online sales channels from your online Square Dashboard.
  2. Next to ‘Meta for Business’, click Get Started.
  3. Review the prerequisites, then click Continue.
  4. Review the data sharing and pixel tracking (optional) settings. Click Continue.
  5. Select the Square Online website, then click Continue.
  6. Log in to your Facebook account.

Product Listings

Once you’ve integrated your Facebook and Instagram accounts, you can manage items from your product catalogue within your Square account. Any future updates made to your Square product catalogue will automatically sync to Meta Business Manager.

To manage your product listings:

  1. Go to Items & orders > Items > Channels Listings from your online Square Dashboard.

  2. From here you can bulk edit, search or filter your listings so you can quickly view or edit the attributes of your listings.

Troubleshooting Listings

To troubleshoot your listings, read the following support articles in the Meta for Business Help Centre:

Disconnect your Meta Account

To disconnect your Meta for Business account from Square Online:

  1. Go to eCommerce > Online sales channels from your online Square Dashboard.

  2. Next to "Meta for Business," click Manage.

  3. Click Remove Channel.

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