Request payment for goods or services with Square Invoices from your online Square Dashboard or from a supported mobile device. You can send an unlimited number of invoices, all with a flat 2.2% processing fee applied at the time an invoice is paid with a credit or debit card.

Note: When using Square Invoices, be sure to follow our best practices guide.

Create Invoices Online

  1. Navigate to Invoices in your online Square Dashboard > click Create Invoice.
  2. Select a customer from your Customer Directory, or enter a new name and email address. You can enter up to 9 recipients.
  3. You can add an optional Invoice Title and edit the Invoice ID to match your records.
  4. Add a personal message. If you would like to use the same message for all of your invoices, select Save as Default.
  5. Under Invoice Method, select whether you’d like to email your customer this invoice or manually share the invoice link. Or, if you’re charging a customer’s saved payment card on file, select a payment card from the drop down list.
  6. Select when you’d like to send your invoice and a due date. If you’re using a customer’s saved card on file, select the date you wish to charge the customer’s card.
  7. Select items and apply modifiers, notes, and taxes by clicking Customise.
  8. Add any applicable discounts:
    • To add a discount to the entire invoice, click Add Discount.
    • To add a discount to a specific item, click Customise next to the item. Note: Only existing, fixed-percentage discounts can be applied to an item.
  9. If you’re sending an invoice via email or sharing the link manually and plan on charging this customer multiple times, cheque the box to allow your customer to save their card on file. If selected, customers will have the option to save their payment card when paying the invoice. If they do, you will have the option to charge future invoices to the saved card instead of sending the invoice for payment.

    Note: Before sending your invoice, select Preview in the top right-hand corner to view your invoice as your customer will see it. You can also click Save as draft to save the current version to work on later, or to keep it as a template to duplicate and send anytime.

  10. In the top right hand corner, click Send, or if charging a customer’s saved card on file, click Charge.

Each recipient has the option to pay a Square Invoice with any supported payment card. Both you and your customer will both receive a confirmation email once the invoice is paid.

Add Attachments to Invoices

  1. When creating an invoice, click Add Attachments to upload documents or images from your computer.

    Note: Image files and PDFs can be uploaded with a total file size limit of 10MB with a maximum of 10 files.

  2. You may add additional attachments one at a time or remove uploaded attachments by clicking X.
  3. Click Send. Or, if you’re charging a customer’s payment card on file, select a payment card from the drop down list below Payment > select a date to charge the card > Charge.

Note: File attachment isn’t currently supported for recurring Invoice series.

Before sending your invoice, select Preview in the top right-hand corner to view your invoice as your customer will see it. You can also click Save as draft to save the current version to work on later.

Do not use this feature to upload any Personal Health Information, illegal content, or content in violation of Square’s Terms of Service. Content you upload may be reviewed and used by Square in connection with contesting a chargeback.

Request Customer’s Delivery Address

When you send an invoice through your online Square Dashboard, you can opt to collect your customer’s delivery address.

To do so, under More Options on the invoice details page, select Request Delivery Address.

When your customer receives their invoice, below the payment fields, they’ll see the option to enter their preferred delivery address. Once they submit, you can view their address along with the invoice payment information.

Schedule an Invoice

If you’d like to schedule a single invoice to be sent at a future date, follow steps 1-4 in the section Create Invoices Online, then use the steps below:

  1. Select Send Invoice by Email.
  2. In the Send field, choose a date the invoice will be sent > select a payment due date.
  3. Finish filling out the invoice and select Schedule or “Save as Draft.”

Note: If you select ‘Save as Draft,’ your scheduled invoice will not be automatically sent and you’ll need to select Schedule to determine when it will be delivered.

Scheduled invoices will be automatically sent to your customer at 10 AM (in your timezone) on the date you’ve selected. You’ll receive a notification email once the invoice is paid, and funds will be deposited to your linked bank account following your deposit schedule.

Create a Recurring Invoice

If you need to set up recurring payments with your customers, you can do so with Square Invoices. Here’s how to get started:

  1. From Invoices, click Recurring in the top-right corner of your Dashboard > Create Recurring Series.
  2. Select the start date, the recurrence frequency and the end date
  3. Fill out the remainder of your invoice.
  4. Click Schedule.

If you set up a recurring payment with the Card on File feature, your customer’s card will be automatically charged at 10 am (in your timezone) on the date you’ve selected.

Keep in mind, if the Card on File is changed and the customer has a recurring invoice, you will need to edit that invoice series to ensure the right card is being charged.

Note: Only one recipient can be used for a recurring invoice. Additionally, you’re unable to edit the recipient email address once an invoice series has been created.

Save a Payment Card for Invoice Payments

With Card on File, save customer payment cards to your Customer Directory, immediately process invoice payments, and get paid faster. Saving a card on file comes in handy when using recurring invoices or sending multiple invoices to the same customer.

There are two ways to save a customer’s payment card:

Charge a Card on File for an Invoice Payment

When you create a Square Invoice, you can select a card on file to charge.

Learn how to accept payments for your invoices through the Square Point of Sale app.

Note: For your protection, Square can occasionally cancel an invoice if there have been too many failed attempts to pay it. You may duplicate the cancelled invoice and send it to your customer again. Please verify your customer’s identity since transactions are declined by the card issuer, not Square. Learn more about potential scams and how to accept payment cards safely.