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Secure employee permissions

Employee passcodes allow you to keep track of who processed each transaction.

Built-in timecards

Employees clock in and out at the point of sale. Edit hours anywhere.

Create powerful reports

Generate reports by employee, device or location and get the insights you need to schedule employees better.

Customised permission levels

Give different employees/roles different levels of access to your Dashboard.


Give employees different levels of access.

Passcodes enable you to limit what information your employees can see. Control who can edit items or give refunds in each location.

Track employee time

Employees clock in and out right at the point of sale. See who was working on a particular device when any transaction took place.

Speed up end-of-day tasks

Instantly reconcile commissions at the end of the shift with Square’s employee management software.

Mobilise your staff.

Get extra Square Readers and enable employees to accept payments in the field—or right in your shop—using their own passcodes.

Break up your line with mobile points of sale

When queues get long, equip staff with Square Readers and a phone or tablet—send them out to ring up customers on the other side of the counter.

Everything you need in one spot.

Keep track of your sales, employees, inventory and customers all right in your Square Dashboard.

Create custom reports

Square’s employee management software allows you to filter reports by employee, device or location. Download CSV files or get end-of-day summaries in the app.

Track employee sales and cash drawers

See revenue-per-labour-hour reports, find your most efficient employees (and reward them!) and view which employees closed which cash drawers.

Open a new location with a few clicks.

Set up new locations from anywhere, at any time. Quickly assign employees and build your item library, then start selling in your new shop immediately.

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My staff love using Square. The modifiers, flexibility and ease of use have been perfect for our business.

Catherine Seay, Curators Coffee Gallery, London


Per employee account

Define roles and permissions across all staff
Set role-based security in Dashboard
Role-based security/access at the point of sale
Time-tracking functionality at the point of sale
Employee segmentation and analytics across reports
Key combined data, including revenue per labour hour
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