What are Buy Buttons and How to Use Them for Your Business

A business owner working from their laptop

‘Buy buttons’ allow you to accept payments from any online platform including social media posts, your website or an e-newsletter. Simply create a button and your customers can click on it to pay for a service, product or to make a donation. Here’s all you need to know about buy buttons and how to use them.

What is a buy button?

A buy button is a clickable button that is super convenient for customers and helps to drive sales for businesses. They can be embedded on an existing website or into any online communication including a social media post.

Businesses can also use them to sell services or to accept donations, subscriptions or membership fees. These eCommerce buttons can also be customised to fit in with the website’s brand colours and fonts.

Why are buy buttons gaining popularity?

Buy now buttons are quickly gaining in popularity because they allow you to turn any online customer touch point into an ecommerce opportunity. The eCommerce market is growing rapidly, with many shoppers choosing to buy products and services from their smartphones.

It is expected that by the year 2024 mobile retail sales will account for 37% of purchases. They already account for 33%. When shopping from their mobiles, consumers expect the experience to be quick and efficient and buy buttons allow them to checkout in just a few clicks.

Why should you use buy buttons?

No matter the size of your business, buy buttons are useful to all those who want to make sales online and can be tailored to fit in with your current website. Every button is fully customisable and the call to action can be changed to suit the tone of your brand, so you don’t have to have generic messaging which simply says: ‘buy now.’

Another reason for using these buttons is that the simpler the checkout process is, the more likely you are to make sales for your business. Some small businesses limit their own sales potential by taking the checkout process offline by using phone lines or contact forms for purchases. Customers often have a short attention span when visiting sites, so if they cannot complete the purchasing process quickly, they are much more likely to lose interest and you’ll lose a sale.

By improving the usability of your site and making the user experience much more convenient, you increase customer satisfaction and this in turn brings customer loyalty and the probability of repeat business.

How can you use buy buttons to grow your business?

Buy buttons help grow your business by allowing you to make immediate sales online on all pages of your website, via newsletters and social media posts. They help your business to tap into impulse buying as well as making considered purchases simple for your customers. Buy buttons also have uses for charitable businesses and conservation trusts as site users can click through to donate money or sign up for a membership. Users are far more likely to do this if the process is quick and simple to complete.

The placement of these buttons is important to ensure that they are successful in helping the business to meet its objectives. Placing the button above the fold prevents the customer from having to scroll too far down the page.

The order of objects on the site needs to be logical. For instance, an eye-catching image of a product can draw in the customer’s attention, it should then be followed by a concise product description and then finally a noticeable buy button with a clear call to action.

Square Online Checkout

Use options like pay links, buy buttons, or QR codes for whatever you’re selling and share them with customers in all kinds of ways.

How can you use buy buttons with Square?

Different providers offer different services with their buy buttons and the Square buy button is fast, customisable and importantly, it has no monthly fees. These buttons can be placed on webpages, online portfolios and blogs and can be used to sell anything, including products, services, subscriptions and memberships.

The button can be added to most websites as it is compatible with many of the popular platforms and you can easily install it using simple HTML code that is embedded into your webpage.

Buy buttons are the ideal way to start making quick and easy sales as a small online enterprise and can be used as an alternative or great compliment to an online store.