Square Stand Arrives in the UK

With Square Stand launching in the UK, you can now transform your iPad into a beautiful, fully integrated point-of-sale system - take payments and run your entire business from the countertop.

Since last year, we’ve delivered a whole range of products to help British businesses set up shop, run and grow. Square Stand is the latest of these, joining the iconic Square Reader, Virtual Terminal, instant transfers and more.

No more clunky cash drawers, cluttered surfaces and stacks of paper receipts waiting to be organised. Square Stand is a point-of-sale upgrade for merchants who want to sell in style. It takes just minutes to assemble, and comes with Square Reader and Dock to perfect your setup.

Square Stand launches in the UK

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“Square Stand was built to provide sellers with a unique and beautiful solution that makes taking in-person payments simple, elegant and fast,” said Jesse Dorogusker, Hardware Lead for Square. “Sellers in the UK have been asking for a full countertop solution for their businesses since we first introduced Square. Investing in the UK is priority for Square, and bringing Stand here is a great way to expand our global support for local businesses.”

As the adoption of card payments grows and technology advances, businesses and customers alike are demanding a fast, easy and flexible payment experience. Sellers are moving away from traditional point-of-sale systems in favour of cloud-based software and beautiful, designed-centered hardware. Square Stand responds to this demand.

Mike Sylvester is a co-founder of Workers’ Cafe, a co-working space and cafe in East London that has been trialling Square Stand. He said: “Since we got set up with Square last year, card payments have made up around 50% of our sales - so getting set up with Stand was a natural next step for us.

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“We’re big fans - it looks great on our counter and makes the Point of Sale app even easier to use for our staff. I’d definitely recommend it.”

You can purchase Square Stand directly from our online shop.

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