Cheap & Creative Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Is it possible to incorporate cheap marketing ideas that bring in customers and keep you out of the red? There are plenty of great holiday marketing ideas for small business that you can promote on a shoestring budget, both in-store and online. So, instead of running deeper and deeper discounts this year, try out these creative, cheap holiday marketing ideas.

Preview holiday goods.

One of the easier cheap holiday marketing ideas is to excite customers with previews of limited-edition items you’ll offer over the holidays. If you impress them with a preview, they’re more likely to make a purchase. You can do this on social media (Pinterest and Instagram are great platforms for this) or as a creative email marketing campaign to your customer base. If a particular item usually sells out, make sure you create a sense of urgency in your marketing. Phrases like “limited run” or “only 100 made” go a long way towards incentivising people to head into your store to snatch one up.

Customise gift cards.

Gift cardsGift cards do double duty: they’re a super-convenient gift option for customers, and recipients tend to end up spending more than the gift card amount, which benefits your business into the new year. For these reasons, gift cards are excellent inexpensive marketing ideas for small business. Go the extra mile and make your gift cards stand out from the pack by branding them for your business. Square can help you design a style of gift card that leaves a memorable impression on your customers. If you want Square’s custom gift cards by early December, we recommend ordering them by November 15. Turnaround for Square’s selection of holiday designs are much shorter, and they are a good option if you’re pressed for time.

Throw a virtual fundraising event.

Other cheap holiday marketing ideas include giving back. A virtual charity event is a great way to help your business connect with the community and do good this season. Find a cause you’re passionate about that aligns with your company values. Though the event will be online, you can use your physical shop as a drop-off point for toys or goods. Be sure to spread the word with posters and event invites on social media and show behind the scenes posts on social media to raise awareness and potentially more funds.

Bank on email and social media.

This is the most budget-friendly of holiday marketing ideas that can get potential customers engaged. Give your email templates a holiday theme then remind people what your business has in the way of gift items. Create your online store or update it with a festive backdrop and a special holiday section. Put together Pinterest boards to help your customers shop for everyone on their list. For example, have a board for “What Mum Wants This Year”. Consider running a weekly Wish List, where you feature one of your shop’s top items each week and ask customers to share what they’ve got their eyes on. Think of these channels as the best ways to promote your holiday marketing ideas.

Reward loyal customers.

With Square Customer Engagement Feedback, you can come up with lots of creative, cheap holiday marketing ideas to email your customers. For example, segment your email list and send messages to loyal customers with special offers, sneak previews, free shipping, or secret sales. Everyone likes to be rewarded for their loyalty, so do what you can to thank frequent customers when you’re creating your holiday marketing plan.

Join forces with neighboring businesses.

During the holidays, put competition aside and think instead about how you can work together with fellow businesses to help you all reap the benefits with some inexpensive marketing ideas for small business. Partner with complementary stores or restaurants to offer customers a limited-time special. For example, a wine shop could link up with a gourmet market to offer special discounts on each other’s respective goods.
Whatever cheap marketing ideas you dream up this holiday season, remember there’s a lot you can do to promote your business effectively on a budget.