International Coffee Day: Temple, Bude

Happy International Coffee Day — a day to be thankful for all the emergency espressos, comforting chai lattes and thirst-quenching iced teas that gave you a boost when it was needed most. Coffee shops have become a modern British institution, and we work with hundreds across the UK to help them start, run and grow their businesses.

To celebrate today accordingly, we asked some of our star sellers to give us the lowdown on their company and why a cup of the hot stuff means so much to them. The first in this mini series comes from Conrad Allen, founder of Temple in Bude, Cornwall.

Conrad, what’s your favourite coffee?


How about your customers’?

Flat white.

And what’s your favourite coffee blend?

Allpress Redchurch Espresso Blend.

Cream or sugar?
Oatly Barista Milk.

What inspired you to start your shop?

To create something special for the town that was both simple yet considered. We wanted to be different, from the food we serve to the brands we stock.

Temple coffee shop tables

How do you differentiate yourself in the market?

The combination of having an eatery and retail space all under one roof.

We’re also committed to sourcing the very best fresh seasonal produce, and aim to showcase the exceptional suppliers that Cornwall has to offer. For example, our sourdough bread is baked just up the road at the Coombeshead Bakery by Ben Glazer, and we use our own vegetables from the Temple garden or from local organic farmers.

We’re constantly on the lookout for new brands that we think would bring joy to our customers and demonstrate our love of design and product…we love what we do!

What are some of the biggest challenges or adversities you’ve faced starting and running your business?

Finding suppliers that share our ethos and vision.

What is your favourite part of selling coffee?

The machine, the smell — the whole process is wonderful.

What do you wish your customers knew about your coffee?

That our coffee is Hot Air roasted, giving it a very even roast. The benefit of Hot Air roasting isn’t what you can see, it’s what you can’t.

Whereas traditional drum roasting billows smoke as the coffee drops into the cooling tray, Hot Air Roasting means that when the beans drop down there are no grey clouds to be seen. This allows the unique character of every bean to shine through. The burnt taste that traditional drum roasting creates disappears, smoke and all.

temple coffee shop bar

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