Hunter Collective, Farringdon

Co-working spaces have become the norm among many a business person – entrepreneurs rubbing shoulders with marketing executives, a designer sat next to an account manager, but the rentable workspace has far more applications than just a desk to set a laptop on. Hunter Collective, as run by beauty industry visionaries Lacey and Nico, has tapped into the huge potential of multi-brand spaces and aims to offer a members work space for freelancers to make their own.

Hunter Collective, London

The beauty industry is booming, and with it, so is the number of self-employed beauty professionals. But as with any industry where the workspace is as vital as the skills, many freelancers may find they are unable to fully become their own bosses, instead having to work out of a larger business as a part-time feature (think nail stations at the back of hair salons) or go fully freelance like a private hairdresser. Hunter Collective recognises the importance of giving customers, and its members the ability to enjoy an experience, not just a service. Their bright, modern and fully-equipped space comes with hairdressing stations, manicure/pedicure areas, a kitchen and a hot desking area for the admin side of things, and is open to all its members and their clients.

Clients book through Hunter Collective and members simply arrive on the day to provide them with their service in modern, clean and stylish surroundings. There is no commission or hidden fees for members to pay, and they can charge clients whatever they wish with a set amount being used to cover the hire of the area. Membership is on a rolling monthly basis and it’s completely flexible to let members take time off whenever they need. Square makes payments easy to take – it’s all done by card, so members can easily pay and get to work forging meaningful client relationships.

With extra hiring options including exclusive hire of the entire space or of their 25-person Lightbox studio for photo shoots and gatherings, the Hunter Collective venue is here to shake up the beauty industry. They’re making sure beauty professionals have a place to call home whether to treat clients, develop their business, host a launch party, lead a conference or simply meet and collaborate with fellow members.

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