Boost Sales and Bring In New Customers With Square eGift Cards

It may only be September, but you can bet your customers are already starting to think about their Christmas and festive season shopping — 40% of us will start buying gifts before Halloween arrives in fact. The great news for Square sellers is that you can be ready for the rush and make extra sales with Square eGift Cards, which we launched this month.

4 reasons to get Square eGift Cards

The more selling tools you have, the more you can cater to your customers’ tastes. And if you’re not yet offering them the option to gift digitally, here are three good reasons to choose Square eGift Cards:

1. They’re a way to increase sales right across the UK

With daily life getting busier and people living further away from friends and family, digital gift cards are a way for your customers to send some love without the hassle. They also create an opportunity for you to reach people who would never have known about your store otherwise. And once somebody new buys into your brand, the word keeps on spreading.

2. They’re free and easy to set up

You can get started with Square eGift Cards in just a few clicks, with no hidden fees. All existing Square merchants have received a setup email, but you can just as easily visit your Square Dashboard and select Configure under your new eGift Cards tab. It’s also easy to redeem, track and reload them, with no additional tools or training needed.

3. You can track all activity

As with card payments or e-commerce sales, you can unify all eGift Card tracking and reporting in one place through Square Dashboard. This enables you to see which times of the year your gift cards are most popular, who buys them and how much they usually spend.

4. Get paid as soon as the next business day

Whilst boosting sales, Square eGift Cards help you improve cash flow by making sure you get paid up front. You’ll see the money from each gift card purchase in your bank account as soon as the next business day.

How do Square eGift Cards work?

Square eGift Cards integrate seamlessly with your e-commerce website and Square POS. From your online store, you can simply add a button that lets customers buy them directly and gift via email. In store at your point-of-sale, you can guide them through the process of choosing a design and amount, then email them the gift card so they can send it on to the lucky recipient. You can even share a direct link to your eGift Cards via social media, and customers can gift from anywhere, at any time.

To get started with Square eGift Cards, log in to your Square Dashboard.