Square for Restaurants

A restaurant booking system that brings in more business

Square for Restaurants integrates with OpenTable to allow you to view your floor plan, table and coursing information straight from your Square Dashboard to help you stay on top of service.

Deliver top-class table booking experience

  • Quickly seat guests, better predict walk-in wait times and improve table turn rates with real-time visibility into table status.

  • Better know your diner with order details from current and past visits for exceptional service.

  • Keep diners coming back with tailored specials and events with diner insights based on order history and past spending.

  • Review reporting in OpenTable, including shift performance, guest behaviour and turn times.

Square and OpenTable integration.

Square for Restaurants is an all-in-one POS solution for managing restaurants. OpenTable is the world’s largest restaurant booking platform.

Pairing the two together allows restaurant staff to have a real-time overview of the floor plan, table and coursing information from within the Square dashboard. This data can then be used to fuel service decisions, from assigning tables to creating special offers.

How to sync Square for Restaurants and OpenTable.

Please note that you need to use the paid plan (Square for Restaurants Plus) to sync with OpenTable. You will also need an active OpenTable Core or Pro account.

Sync Square for Restaurants Plus and OpenTable.

  1. Log in to your OpenTable account

  2. Click Menu > Integrations

  3. Click the Square tile

  4. Sign in to your Square account

Learn more about syncing Square and OpenTable.

Square for Restaurants is more than just a point-of-sale system.

Learn more about Square for Restaurants >

Square for Restaurants is a simple yet powerful solution for managing your restaurant end to end. It covers everything from creating staff rosters and managing inventory to marketing and running a loyalty programme. Here are just a few of the ways Square can help you to run your restaurant.

Accept all major payment types.

Payment processing your way. Accept all major types of payments quickly and securely, whether you’re tableside, behind the counter, online or on the go.

Floor management

Easily create and customise your restaurant floor plan just by dragging elements onto a grid and quickly make any updates with just a few clicks.

Kitchen display system

Square KDS powers up your restaurant by tracking prep times, routing orders to their correct stations and enabling custom ticket timers for maximum efficiency.

Free online ordering website

Create your restaurant website or online ordering page with Square Online. Built with flexible tools to accept online orders, promote repeat purchases and streamline food deliveries.

Manage your staff

Manage your staff directly from your POS with the ability to import and split tips, and set shift rotas without the added hassle.

Build customer loyalty

Boost customer engagement with loyalty programmes for your diners. You can create custom profiles to store preferences and send marketing messages to offer exclusive discounts and news updates.

Square for Restaurants pricing.

All three plans cover unlimited device use and have a processing rate of 1.75% for chip and PIN and contactless payments. No hidden fees or lock-in contracts ever.

Process over £200K in annual card sales? We can apply custom prices to transaction fees and hardware.



Per month.

No hidden fees.



Per month per location.

30-day free trial.


Custom pricing

30-day free trial.

Start using Square for Restaurants today.

The all-in-one powerful platform built to save you time, run your business and connect with customers.

Make the most of Square.

Square brings all your business needs together with an all-in-one solution.


  • What is an online restaurant booking system?

    An online restaurant booking system is a system that allows customers to make restaurant reservations online. It may also send automatic confirmation and/or reminders about the booking.

  • What’s the difference between Square for Restaurants and Square for Restaurants Plus?

    Square for Restaurants is a core set of tools for all restaurants. Square for Restaurants Plus includes extra functionality. For example, with Square for Restaurants, you have a tool to create your own floor plan. With Square for Restaurants Plus, you can connect your Square account with OpenTable.

  • Why do we need a restaurant reservation system?

    Using a restaurant reservation system is much more efficient than trying to manage restaurant reservations using paper books or even spreadsheets. It also reduces the possibility of human error (e.g. overbooking or double booking).

  • How can I manage the bookings that my restaurant gets?

    The best way to manage the bookings that your restaurant gets is to use an online restaurant booking system. For example, you can use Square for Restaurants linked with OpenTable.

  • What are the types of restaurant reservations?

    The two main types of restaurant reservations are table reservations and first come, first served. In general, even small restaurants now tend to use table reservations. Very small and/or casual establishments may still use first come, first served.