Seven Ideas to Get Your Labour Day Marketing Started

Summer is flying by again, and Labour Day is less than a month away. The holiday was designed to give workers the day off, but if you’re a small business, it could be a great day to keep your doors open. As folks celebrate the season’s last hurrah at picnics and parades, you may also be able to attract potential customers. Here are some Labour Day marketing ideas to keep your business top of mind.

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1. Sales, sales and more sales.

Long weekends are perfect for shopping, and people have come to expect Labour Day sales. Email customers on your mailing lists in the weeks leading up to the holiday so they can include you in their Labour Day weekend plans. Then use social media over the weekend to remind them.

2. Take advantage of seasonal change.

Labour Day, as the unofficial close of summer, has come to signify one of the best bargain shopping days of the year. It’s time to clear your shelves of summer merchandise anyway, so why not offer unbeatable discounts? You’ll delight customers while making room for fall stock.

3. Get out there.

The holiday is a great hook to use in combination with a booth or stall at a local event. Look for ways to participate in street festivals and block parties, where you’re guaranteed an audience of folks who are likely looking to spend. These types of events are great touch points for customer engagement. You might also consider doing a pop-up shop for the holiday.

4. Giveaways, raffles or contests.

A fun giveaway is another surefire way to grab people’s attention, whether at an event stall or your usual location. Have customers put their business cards in a jar for the chance to win something cool, or offer up small treats (like stickers or candy) to passersby.

5. Send the right message.

The key to keeping your business top of mind over a long weekend is to market early and often. Send a few enticing reminders in the weeks leading up to Labour Day to inspire customers to make mental notes to visit your store or shop your online sale. Use subject lines that get right to the point (40 percent off; buy one, get one free, etc.).

6. Invite friends and family.

Labour Day is a time when friends and family come together, and, for you, the more the merrier. Welcome them all to your business and then offer up creative “buddy” opportunities. Set up a lounge outside the dressing rooms for people waiting, arrange a play area with fun toys for kids or encourage sales with deals for partner shoppers (for example, if a mother and daughter buy the same sandals, they both get 20 percent off).

7. Be time sensitive.

Limited-time sales mean big-time purchases. It’s all about creating a sense of urgency. How often have you been tempted by one-day-only deals? This smart marketing tactic works especially well for larger ticket items on which people may otherwise be hesitant to splurge.

No matter what type of sale or marketing tactic you choose, Labour Day is a great opportunity to get customers excited about your business. Happy selling! (And nice work starting so early.)