How to Get a Saskatoon Business Licence

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The City of Saskatoon is the largest in its province, Saskatchewan. Located in the middle of the province, the city extends on both sides of the Saskatoon River. It’s an exciting place to start a new business, and the city’s website offers abundant information for those who want to pursue a business licence. Check out their Business Startup Guide and Business Startup Checklist for practical business tips and specific municipal, provincial, and federal requirements.

Applying for a Saskatoon Business Licence

All businesses in Saskatoon must have a business licence. Business licences help the city regulate the types of businesses in operation, ensure regulation compliance, understand how land is used, and make future city planning decisions.

The city offers two types of business licences: Commercial and Home-Based. To find your business category, visit the city’s webpage for business licence categories. You’ll also find application information on this page.

All business licence applications must comply with regulations according to:

  • Provincial licensing
  • Land use
  • Building occupancy

Provincial requirements include:

  • Business Name
  • Business Registration
  • Vendor’s License
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Employment Standards

Federal requirements include:

  • Business Number (BN)
  • GST Program Account
  • Payroll Program Account
  • Corporation Income Tax Program Account
  • Import-Export Program Account

Finally, municipal requirements include:

  • Zoning Approval
  • Building Permits
  • Plumbing Permits
  • Business Licenses
  • Sign Permit
  • Fire Systems

When you’re certain you’ve complied with all the above and have a solid business plan, apply for your business licence.

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Types of Business Licences in Saskatoon

You will either need a commercial business licence or a home-based business licence. The following business types are also accepted:

  • Non-resident businesses: Any businesses providing products or services to Saskatoon that are not physically located in Saskatoon.
  • Adult Services industry: Adult services businesses have been legal in Saskatoon since 2012.
  • Cannabis industry: Saskatoon oversees land use regulations and business activities in the cannabis industry.
  • Day care providers: Pertains to day care providers, but not to providers offering overnight supervision.

There are also provisions for food trucks, vending carts, residential care facilities, short stay accommodations, sidewalk cafes, and taxi services.

Special Permits Required for City of Saskatoon Business Licences

Visit the City of Saskatoon’s Specific Requirements page to find the specific requirements for your business category and the licences and permits required.

Fees for Saskatoon Business Licences

The cost of a Saskatoon business licence varies depending on your business and the category it falls into, plus other licences you may need and the costs for any required inspections.

Commercial and home-based business licences are $125. If you’re changing the location of a commercial or home-based business, that also costs $125. Annual renewals of commercial and home-based business licences are $85. For other business categories, the fees are listed on the application.

Businesses Prohibited in Saskatoon

According to Bylaw No. 9747, the only business listed in Schedule A as currently prohibited in Saskatoon is businesses engaging in conversion therapy.