How to Create Gift Cards for Your Business

Gift cards can be a secret weapon for boosting revenue and attracting new customers. Each year, Canadians spend an average of $200 each on gift cards. Want to get in on the action? Square can help.

Making gift cards for your business is easy with predesigned Quick Card templates, which feature a variety of colours, images and seasonal designs.

gift card photo

You can also create custom gift cards that feature your logo, an image or anything else you’d like to add. Quick Cards can be produced in three days if you order at least 125 cards, and custom cards require 15 days of production time and a minimum order of 500. You can create seasonal cards as necessary and stock up quickly when you start running low.

Square gift cards have no monthly subscription or redemption fee and cost just over $1 per card. Gift card activations will show up as a transfer in your bank account within one to two days, and you can keep track of purchasing and outstanding balances through Square Dashboard.

Customers can decide how much to load onto each card, making them perfect for any budget. When the cards are redeemed, you’ll gain insights into what new and existing customers are buying, and you’ll see your sales grow as customers share gift cards with friends and family — bringing new business to your door.

Gift cards also make good prizes for social media contests and drawings designed to attract new customers and reward existing ones.

They’re the gift that keeps on giving. Start making your own gift cards today with our handy guide.