Get Your Money in Seconds — 24/7 — with instant transfer

Staying on top of your cash flow can be challenging. You have to maintain inventory levels and pay your vendors, so the ability to access your money at a moment’s notice makes a big difference.

Speed is a hallmark of Square’s services. We first debuted transfers on the next business day for all customers, and now we’ve made it even faster – you can access the money you earn from sales in just seconds.

All sellers across Canada can now access their funds via instant transfer. Simply tap the button in your Square app and your sales proceeds go straight to your chosen bank account – any time of day, any day of the week. Even on holidays!

Move Money Instantly

Transfer your funds on your schedule, with little or no fees, with instant transfers.

Instant transfer has changed the game for Square sellers like Aliyah Fraser of Lucky Bug Farm in Hillsburgh, Ontario. After completing her mentorship at Sundance Harvest, she set out to become a farmer. Today, she sells her produce at Kitchener Market and the Feed Change Market located in Kitchener, Ontario. She dreams of creating her own products from the produce she harvests, along with developing programs for youth in her area to teach sustainable farming, ethics, and equity.

“I’d also love to offer programming, specifically to young black girls, to show them that they can grow food if they’re interested in it,” said Fraser. Instant transfer can help sellers like Aliyah Fraser stay on top of their cash flow and ensure the continuity of their businesses, whether it’s farming, retail, or fine dining.

Aliyah built her business on the Square platform. She added, “I wanted to make something visually appealing by myself, and Square made it easy.” From hosting her site to selling her “ecologically grown” produce and collecting payment, Square offers everything a seller needs – including instant transfer.

Each transfer costs just 1.5% of the transfer amount, and you must have at least $50 in your Square balance. If you’re a new seller, your daily transfer limit will be up to $500. Learn more about instant transfer on our help page.

Enable instant transfer anytime – just head to the Settings of your Square app. Link your debit card, verify your account, and boom – all future sales will transfer to your card instantly, subject to your bank’s schedule. (Square’s instant transfer works with all VISA-branded debit cards.)

You can also set up standard or scheduled transfers. For instance, a scheduled transfer can move your daily sales to your bank account at the close of business each day with a same-day transfer.

Learn more about Square’s transfer options.