Communicate with Your Customers Better, Digitally

You might not be seeing them in person as much as you once did, but your customers are still “talking” to you through multiple channels. As tech continues to evolve, this online communication will grow — are you ready?

Now, your customers can choose to message a chatbot to book appointments. They can even share feedback after ordering dinner — nearly every aspect of the customer journey can now be digital.

As these online interactions are becoming more frequent, delivering exceptional customer experiences via digital channels that your customers already use is a must. For most consumers, these digital channels are emails and text messages. In fact, 75% of Canadians will “opt-in” to text messaging with trusted brands.

Digital interactions with your customers might feel impersonal — like they’re on autopilot. So it’s important to add that human touch and remain approachable digitally. Here’s how you can do it.

Why the Way You Communicate Digitally with Your Customers Is Important

Well, because it’s important to your customers.

Businesses across Canada now sell their products and services in different ways. Many brick-and-mortar only stores have moved online while even holding sales outdoors. Others have moved to different fulfillment types, such as pickup and delivery. And for many shops, this isn’t just a way to meet the needs of the here and now — it’s a permanent shift in how business is done. It’s the new way of meeting customer needs during these revolutionary times.

As your customers continue interacting with you in new ways, they’re also continuously looking for more efficient ways to reach out to you. Investing in ways to ensure your customers feel listened to whenever and wherever they reach out is a must. This is where a messaging tool can help. Generally, a messaging tool will pull all of your communication channels into one place, so you don’t have to manage a bunch of apps to connect with your customers.

Focus on what you do best

Square Messages puts texts and emails between you and your customers
in one place.

Why You Should Consider a Messaging Tool

It Gets Customers to Answer Quickly

In this increasingly digital world, customers want answers as fast as they can ask questions. If your customer has an issue, a messaging tool can help your customers quickly get these issues resolved. Nothing increases customer loyalty more than fast question response times. By allowing customers to reach you easily — via Facebook, Twitter, your website, etc. — you can slash response times.

A messaging tool is helpful because your customers will choose the communication channel that is fastest for them in order to reach out to you. This is often email or text. Rather than opening up a different app to answer them each time, you can see all messages in one place and reach back out to get their questions or concerns addressed quickly.

Almost 39% of Canadians expect an answer to their inquiry within an hour. Time is of the essence.

It Personalizes the Customer Experience

Offering texting as a method of communication can help you personalize the customer experience so much better than an email. The tone of text messages is just different. An email often feels impersonal, whereas a text message can be informal but convey the same information in a more personable way. It’s perfect for cultivating genuine relationships with customers. If 2020 was a turning point for you, and you had to offer more services digitally, as many businesses across Canada did, these relationships you’ve built are meaningful and need to be nurtured as such.

It Encourages Conversations

Problems aren’t the only reason customers reach out. They might just want to connect with you, ask questions, or voice a concern. Offering several messaging options encourages candid conversations.

You can also proactively reach out to your customers to start conversations. For instance, if a customer recently tried to purchase one of your products, but it was out of stock, you can reach out to let them know when you’ll have that product again. This ensures your customer service rating remains high and increases the odds of another sale.

It Streamlines the Customers’ Experiences

Rather than waiting days for a response, messaging tools let communication happen in real-time. They help keep you and your customers on the same page, so expectations are clear from the start. They also help ensure you don’t miss out on any sales.

Don’t Just Personalize – Humanize Your Customer Interactions with Square Messages

The more options you have for customers to reach you, the more difficult it may seem to keep your service consistent and personalized. But it doesn’t matter if you’re just a small mom-and-pop or a large corporation; adding a messaging tool doesn’t mean lowering your standards of service.

Using Square’s Messages tool helps you remain approachable.

Square Messages helps you consolidate your customer communications, whether they come from Square’s Feedback, Receipts, or Appointments tools. You can reply to customer receipts, questions, or feedback via text or email, regardless of where the message originates. If you sell your services using Square’s Appointments tool, you can see and reply to conversations handled by Square Assistant right in the Appointments app.

Connect your communications digitally. It’ll help you unify customer experiences and make them personalized to each customer, which is vital as digital interactions continue growing.