Unite your team with a dedicated communication app.

Chat and messaging

Connect anywhere, anytime.

One-on-one and group messaging

Send chats, images, videos and audio to your team without having to share phone numbers.

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Keep communication flowing with fun, work-appropriate emojis that let your team react to messages with one tap.

Message views

See which team members have read important messages and conversations.


Deliver news and updates to your entire team.

Team file sharing

Keep everyone on the same page.

Share and manage files

Provide clarity for your team by directly sharing images, videos and documents.


Allow access to your team.

Two custom permission sets

Get two custom permission sets and have even more control over team member access with Square Team Communication.

All in one

Get a complete system of tools.

Unified team member roster

Run your team confidently with a single team roster that always has the information you need.

Anytime, anywhere connections

Take work-related messages and announcements on the go.

It all happens in the Square Team app.

Give your team one place to communicate, view their schedules and timecards and stay in sync on the go.

Built to grow with your business


per team member

Have questions?

Get answers about the features and benefits of Square Team Communication for your business.

  • What are the main features of Square Team Communication?

    Square Team Communication gives your team an easy way to stay in touch with each other as they move throughout their day. Features include:

    • Messages: Real-time messaging for all employees – no more sharing phone numbers.
    • Announcements: Broadcast important announcements, news and updates to all your employees.
    • Rich media in messages: Eliminate confusion by sharing audio, images and videos directly in your chat threads, just like any other team chat app.
    • Custom permission sets: Give specific employees access to manage only the conversations relevant to their roles.
  • How do I control who in my team gets access to Square Team Communication?

    You can control who gets access to Square Team Communication with custom permission sets. To adjust permissions, visit Staff & Team & Permissions in your Square Dashboard. Click on permission set and click into Team Communication to adjust permissions for that permission set.

  • Can I send a view-only message for my team?

    The announcements feature will let you send one-way updates to your team. You can learn more by visiting Staff & Team Communication in your Square Dashboard.

  • Will my data be private and safe?

    We take the security and privacy of your data seriously. Your business is safe and secure with Square. Your data is encrypted from the moment you sign up. You can read more about our privacy practices in our Privacy Policy