Latte Price Surpasses $5 Mark in Canada

May 09, 2024

Square data shows Canada’s coffee business economics are strong, with average national hourly wage of $17.20/hour

The average price of a latte has soared above the five dollar mark in Canada, according to data1 from technology company Square.

According to 2023 Square transaction data, a cup of coffee sold in cafes and restaurants across Canada using Square’s services is still a bargain, setting Canadians back $2.95 on average. That’s only a 1.5% rise compared to 2022, and well below the current 2.8% rate of inflation in Canada.

The Price of Coffee

Square transaction data shows Canada’s coffee business remains healthy, with food and drink industry workers earning an average $17.20 an hour, up 4.5% compared to last year. That means coffee shop workers gained buying power that is keeping pace with current inflation, a positive indicator of sector growth, despite lagging behind countries such as the UK and Australia.

Wage growth in Canada is lagging peers

“Our data shows coffee culture is alive and well in Canada, where we’ve seen a 40% increase in coffee drink sales and a 28% increase in coffee shops using the Square platform by December 2023, compared to the previous year,” confirms Ara Kharazian, Research and Data Lead at Square. “Coffee shops that are experiencing spikes or slumps can take advantage of technology to help handle increased orders or drive more traffic. For example, cafes can consider using handheld devices for line-busting during peak times, and for those that are seeing a slow-down, automated marketing tools can help attract the crowds.”

Geoff Polci, an award-winning coffee roaster and owner of Stereo Coffee Roasters in Toronto, says staying open to new opportunities has been critical to the success and growth of his business. “I think that as a small business owner you need to think outside the box sometimes. There are opportunities everywhere – you just need to look out for them,” said Polci.

Additional data highlights:

  • Food and beverage workers in Canada earned $17.20 an hour over the past year; up from $16.46 during the previous year. That means that a year ago, coffee shop employees would have to work 10.6 minutes to afford a latte in their own shop – compared to 10.3 minutes this year.
  • The price of a standard cup of coffee rose 1.5% in Canada over the past year to an average price of $2.95 – with the sharpest peaks in BC (6%), Manitoba (3.5%) and Saskatchewan (3%).
  • On the specialty coffee side, the price of a latte spiked most dramatically in the Yukon (19%), Ontario (7%), New Brunswick (6%) and BC (6%).
  • Oat milk is far and away Canada’s favourite non-dairy coffee option, although nearly two-thirds of Canadians choose whole milk over other options.

Oat is the most popular milk alternative

Coffee prices still growing below rate of inflation in Canada
Coffee and lattes at cafes and restaurants that use Square between December 2022 and December 2023

Coffee and Latte Prices - Canada

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1Square data from payment transactions for coffee and latte purchases in Canada sold by thousands of coffee shops, cafes and restaurants between January 1, 2020, and December 31, 2023.

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