Important changes to your Square Online reports

Who is this article for?
This article is for sellers who want to understand what's changing with their Square Online insights, and how to access site reporting after the change.

About the changes to your Square Online reports

Note: View advanced reporting by upgrading your Square Online subscription.

We recently notified you of upcoming changes to your Square Online reports. The home for Square Online insights and reporting is transitioning from Square Online to Square Reports in Dashboard to enable you to view all reporting in one place. This means that, starting in late 2024, reporting about your Square Online site will need to be accessed from Square Reports rather than Square Online.

Before you begin

All historical data from the Square Online version of these reports will no longer be available after this change takes place. Be sure to download any historical data you’d like to retain as soon as possible.

Understand the changes

Access the new hub for Square Online reports

The home for your Square Online insights and reporting is moving to a new area of your Square Dashboard. To view all reporting for your business, open your online Square Dashboard and navigate to Reporting > Reports.

Here, you can find sales and performance data for your websites, along with other Square product performance. For example, you can find sales reports under Sales summary and Sales trends, and more granular insights on the Item sales and Category sales pages.

Note: To view website reporting, you’ll no longer need to navigate to your Dashboard > Online > Online > Reports. Instead, navigate to your Dashboard > Reporting > Reports > Square Online reports.

Understand Square Online data collected in the new hub

The new reporting hub for Square Online will include data for:

  • Traffic & sources: See an overview of your site traffic data, compare site traffic data over any period of time, and see what other sites or search terms have referred visitors to your website.
  • Purchase funnel: Get insights on your site’s sales performance.
    If you have multiple sites in your Square Online account, by default, the new reporting hub will aggregate the performance data of all your sites.

Note: For data from January 1, 2021 onward, you’ll also be able to filter your reports by individual sites (such as only looking at site 1’s data and excluding site 2’s). For data before this date, you won’t be able to filter by site. Any seller that wants to access their historical reporting data, regardless of the number of sites in their account, should download their data as soon as possible.

Square Online reports for sales and items

Some historical data won’t be available in the new home for Square Online reports for sales and items. The data listed below will only be available for download until late 2024, after which it will be deleted.

  • Square Online > Reports > Online Sales: “Added to Cart” count and “Cart Conversion Rate” (referred to as “Add to cart rate” in the new reporting hub) will be available for your site activity from early 2024 onward.
  • Square Online > Reports > Site Items: Category performance will be available for online orders received after your account migrates to the new Advanced Categories experience. To learn more, check out how to Create and manage item categories.

Square Online reports for abandoned carts and coupons

Note: Send automated campaigns by upgrading your Square Marketing subscription.

Since the following features are available in or are moving to Square Marketing in early 2024, all reporting for these can be viewed from Square Marketing in Dashboard going forward. This includes:

  • Square Online > Reports > Abandoned Carts: Square Online’s built-in feature for abandoned cart recovery emails will continue to be available, but analytics for recovery email performance will no longer be available once Square Online reports moves to the new hub. If you need advanced analytics for recovery email performance, consider managing your abandoned cart emails with automated campaigns in Square Marketing instead (upgrade required).
  • Square Online > Reports > Coupons: Custom coupons can be created using Square Marketing in the Coupons tab (a free feature). Note: Reporting for Square Online and Square Marketing coupons can also be viewed from your Dashboard > Reporting > Reports > Discounts.

Download your historical Square Online reports data

To download your historical data:

  1. From your online Square Dashboard, go to Online > Online to open your Square Online Overview page.
  2. Under Reports, open the relevant reports page and select a time period for the report data you want to download.
  3. Select Export to download your CSV file.

Note: If you need assistance with exporting your data, please contact Square support.

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