Get Started with Square Appointments on Square Register

Square Appointments on Square Register allows you to manage bookings, payments, and more on a sleek, modern device that gives your front desk a refresh. Get started with Square Appointments on Square Register — the all-in-one point of sale solution designed for your business.

If you have not yet signed up for Square Appointments, consider signing up to access a suite of tools and reports best suited to your scheduling needs. If you’re upgrading from a standard Square account, don’t worry — you won’t lose any of your existing account information. Our Square Appointments Get Started Guide will give you all the details to set up your account.

Set up Square Register 

To set up your Square Register, follow these steps: 

  1. Remove the protective wrap: Carefully lift the customer display out of Register and remove the foam pad. Place the customer display aside for now—make sure you lay it down flat.

  2. Connect the Hub to your Square Register: Plug the cable into one of the micro USB ports located on the bottom of Register.

  3. Connect the power adapter to the Hub.

  4. Plug in your Square Register: With the power adapter cable, plug one end into the power adapter and the other end into a power outlet.

  5. Set up your Square Register: You can set up your counter with the customer display docked or undocked. If you choose to undock the customer display, grab the included micro USB cable. Plug one end into the customer display and the other end into the bottom of Register.

Learn more about other ways of setting up your Square Register.

Sign into Square Appointments on Square Register

Once you turn on your Square Register, you will be asked to complete some setup steps. Please follow the instructions to set up your time, time zone, language, and Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

  1. Make sure to check for an update by tapping Change Settings > General > About Register > Software Update. Note: You can check for an update right away by tapping Check for Update. Square Register also automatically checks for an update every hour.

  2. If you already have an existing Square Appointments account, simply sign in to your account using your email address. Note: Signing in using a device code is not yet supported with Square Appointments.

  3. After signing in, select Square for Appointments as the point of sale. If you have multiple locations, select the appropriate location.

Important to Note

  • If you have already been accepting payments on Square Register using Square Point of Sale, simply sign out by navigating to Settings > Sign Out. Next, sign in using your email and password and select Square Appointments.

  • You can always sign back in to Square Point of Sale, as it will always be an available point of sale software on your device.

  • If you do not have a Square Appointments account, you will need to create an account on a computer from your online Square Dashboard before signing in on your Register. When you create your account, you’ll be able to create services, set up your calendar, create your staff accounts and more.

Navigate your calendar

Your calendar helps you manage your day, week, or month, at a glance and syncs with your online Appointments Dashboard, and any other devices you use to manage your appointments.

View your appointments by day, week or list view. You can even switch to day view to see schedules for up to 20 staff members at the same time.

If you have confirmation requests enabled, you will also see the confirmation status of each appointment in the calendar. Confirmed appointments will show a checkmark next to the appointment, and unconfirmed appointments will show a question mark.

Manage your appointments 

The large touchscreen on your Register allows you to easily create, edit and remove appointments for yourself or your staff members.

To create a new appointment:

  1. Tap + or press and hold the desired time slot > tap Create New Appointment.

  2. Add an existing customer by searching for their name, email or phone number or create a new Customer Profile.

  3. Use the date selector to choose the date and time > add one or more services.

  4. Select the staff performing the service > Save.

  5. Tap Notification Type to select if and how you’d like to notify your customer.

  6. Tap Create Appointment.

To edit or cancel an existing appointment, simply tap the appointment and make any changes on the appointment details screen.

Take payments on Square Register

You can check out customers directly from their appointment using your preferred method, including contactless payment, gift cards, card on file and even invoices.

We recommend processing payments through a booked appointment, as this will mark the appointment as paid and automatically associate services, staff, and client information with the sale.

To process a customer's payment from their appointment:

  1. Tap on the appointment in your calendar.

  2. Tap Review and Check Out.

  3. Add any additional items or services > Charge.

  4. Select the preferred payment method on the payment screen to complete the transaction.

For walk-in appointments or on-the-spot sales, you can process a payment without a booked appointment. 

To do so:

  1. Select the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and tap on Checkout.

  2. Add applicable services or items.

  3. Add an optional customer to associate this sale with their profile.

  4. Tap Charge and proceed through the payment flow by selecting the payment type.

Note: Since the payment will be processed without a booked appointment, by default the sale will be associated with the staff account logged into the device.

Go to Appointments on your online Square Dashboard from a desktop or laptop computer to control other parts of your business, such as creating staff member accounts, changing booking preferences and setting up your cancellation policy.

Manage your Orders 

You can manage your orders from your Square Register. Choose to receive alerts for new orders, automatically print order tickets, and search and filter your orders all in one place. 

To get started, navigate to the Orders sections in your Appointments Point of Sale. 

Square Appointments on Square Register FAQ

Will I have access to the same features as using the Square Appointments app on an iPad, iPhone or Android device?

No, At the moment, when using Square Appointments on Square Register you will not have access to the following features:

  • Square Loyalty: We recommend either using the Square Appointments app to checkout customers or using Square Point of Sale on your Square Register to access your Loyalty Program.

How much does this solution cost?

There are three components to pricing when using Square Appointments on Square Register:

  1. Square Register: $799 or 24 monthly payments of $39.
  2. Square Appointments: There are three simple plans for Square Appointments.
    • Free: No monthly fee for 1 location and unlimited staff.
    • Plus: $29 per month, per location. Unlimited locations and unlimited staff.
    • Premium: $69 per month, per location. Unlimited locations and unlimited staff.
  3. Processing fee: The processing fee for card present transactions is based on your subscribed plan — Free, Plus, or Premium. Learn more about the three Appointments plans, pricing, and tools.

Can I use the regular Square Point of Sale and Square Appointments on my device at the same time?

Yes, You are able to use both Square Point of Sale and Square Appointments on your device, but you cannot use them at the same time on your Square Register. To switch between the two, you’ll need to log out of Square Point of Sale and sign in to Square Appointments, and vice versa. Compare Square Appointments and Square Point of Sale in our Support Center.