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Track Payments with Square Checkout Links

Track Payments

Review your history of payments accepted through checkout links from your online Square Dashboard.

  1. From the main menu, select Online Checkout to see an overview of your total and most recent sales paid through checkout links.

  2. Click on Transactions and select a payment to view individual payment details. You can look up the customer who made a purchase (and see any relevant customer details), see a short payment summary, and your customer’s receipt.

  3. You can also visit your Orders dashboard to manage the status of new orders you've received by marking your orders as shipped, complete, or in-progress.

Payment Search

Use the search bar to search for payments from a specific customer or a specific checkout link. Learn more about getting started with Square Online Checkout links.


Email notifications are enabled by default when you create payment links in Square Point of Sale. You will receive an email after every completed transaction. 

To edit the settings for your email notifications in app: 

  1.  From the main menu, tap Settings > Online Checkout. 

  2. Under Email Notifications, toggle ON or OFF Send Payment Link and Pay with QR code

Note: Manage other settings for online sales, such as shipping and sales tax, from your Square Online site.

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