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Create Anchor Links

If you have a page with multiple sections, you can add a link to your navigation menu that will jump to any section on that page. This type of link is often referred to as an anchor link.
Note: Anchor links work with standard pages, but you can’t add them for item or category pages.


To add a new menu item that acts as an anchor link, click the Header section button in the panel on the left side of the editor, and then click Menu items under Navigation.
Tip: You can also access navigation menu items via the Edit link at the bottom of the Pages list.


Click Add menu item to open the options, select a standard page to add to the menu, then click the toggle to link to a section of the page.


Use the menu to choose which section you want to link to and enter a name to be displayed in the navigation menu. When you’re finished, click save. You’ll see the new menu item in the list on the left. If you want to change where it appears in the navigation menu, click and drag it to a new position in the list.


If you need to remove an anchor link and switch back to a standard link, simply access the Menu items through either the Header section or the Pages list, as described above. Click the “. . .” icon next to the menu item with the anchor and select Edit menu item. Click the toggle on the options window to disable the anchor link. The menu item will now link to the selected page instead of a specific section.

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